25: 50 Days Freed

All over the world, there are criminals living a hard life in jail waiting for the day that they may be freed to try again in this world. Many will walk out with full intentions of going back to the life that had brought them to where they are now. Others have truly changed and are looking for a fresh start upon there exit. In both cases. it remains the same when they leave prison who they associate with within the first month will direct their path. One will put them back on a path of bondage and another will set them up for success.
“Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.”
Proverbs 13:20 NLT
Most criminals in jail are there because they broke the law. We are not talking those who are arrested who are innocent or those in jail for religious persecution. Those who broke the law of the land and ended up behind bars. They had a choice to make at some point in their life and decided the life of crime. I don’t believe it is always a yes or no choice, but the choice to walk away once involved is always on available. You can’t expect to fly with eagles if your hanging with turkeys.
Humankind is in the same sort of bondage when it comes to sin. We have a choice to make in our lives if we should stay in the sin that is eating away at us or choose freedom. Many accept the freedom yet don’t make the right choices to walk with the wise and instead wander around with fools, then wondering why things in their life haven’t changed. We all have seen clichés in our day. Groups of people that connect because of there hobbies, habits and viewpoints. Who we spend the majority of our time with we will become like.
Now we are not called to separate ourselves completely from the world as some believers suggest. To do this we ultimately isolate ourselves and would be unable to fulfil the great commission of reaching the lost. Jesus himself didn’t isolate yet emerged himself in society to be the light in the darkness. If we look at his example he kept a healthy balance e of time with society, time with trusted friends and time alone with God. That combination prepared him daily to be the light and not be overcome.
This verse in Proverbs is telling us that when we are looking for advice, direction or purpose, who we talk to about it is very important. Wise people who are grounded in their faith will provide you with wise biblical advice. Yet if we look to the tv or our friends who don’t believe, we will only get the advice that is sub-par and won’t solve your problem or concern. Asking the same questions to both parties will give you most times two widely different answers. The world likes to give advice that works to please the inner self. What can you do to make you happy. We were never promised an easy life as believers, but a fulfilled one with a true understanding of what it means to love others and put their needs over your own. This is something your unbelieving friends will not understand.
So today, if you have concerns in your life that you need to talk to someone with, I pray that before you run to Google, Dr Phil or whomever, that you will consult your mentor, your pastor, a brother or sister in the faith. A lot of the times what your going through they already have. Take time in prayer asking God to show you what needs to be done, he will not let you go through this alone, he will send you help.
Father, we all need advice at times. I pray that we will bring them to you. I pray that you will lead us to believers who will give us wise advice and direction in those times. Let us not rely on those outside the faith to provide answers. Help us to live in freedom and not to go back to the life that we lived before. Walking in that life will only bring us back to bondage and we do not need that. Help us to trust in your ways, amen.

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