34: 50 Days of 3:16

For many believer’s today’s verse has become the line in the sand about what we can and cannot do to our bodies. Should we have tattoos? better read 1 Corinthians 3:16. Drink? Look it up. Homosexuality, quick flip open the bible here. But what if we have for years been looking at this as a verse that focuses on the individual when maybe it was meant it be talking about the church. Keith Krell suggests that we should be talking about the church in this verse, not individuals. I tend to agree.


Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

1 Corinthians 3:16


As believers, we are called to be part of the family. Groups of believers that gather are called churches but part of the global Church. So as God’s church (temple) we need to represent who God is to the world. All to often the church is filled with infighting and quarrels that the focus is on those things and not the mission of reaching the lost. They will say they are focused on the mission but there is no fruit, they have forgotten that they are God’s church and have become more of a club.


We see this as we are experiencing an expanding trend where believers are becoming part-time attendees. They may show up to church once a month. If something more important to them comes up they prioritize church as secondary and choose other activities. Participation in prayer meetings is at an all-time low, the faithful few showing up. Commitment to spiritual growth and discipline is being replaced with our own desires and wants. Membership in a local church is dwindling as those attending don’t see the importance of commitment. If this trend continues many churches as we know them will eventually close as they won’t have the people to run it.


The church needs to be reminded that they are part of God’s church. What they do in their communities, in the lives of those attending and those they support worldwide matters. God is using them if they will just open their lives and let him. When they join a group of believers each Sunday and throughout the week He is giving them vision and strength to go out and fulfil the mission they are called to. When they meet the Holy Spirit is stirring them up and giving them a renewed passion. Believers are stronger when united under the same mission. The enemy knows this and works very had to keep us away from joining in worship with others in the faith. He convinces us to stay up late on Saturday, so we are just too tired to go to church. We believe the lie and stay home.


Are you a part-time believer or participant in your church? Feel like God isn’t speaking to you and you don’t know anything about the plan he has for you? Take a good hard look at your habits and investments.  What has your heart? What do you love? Is it God or is it something else. What do you treasure most? Whatever that is will be what is most important to you and you will make a priority in your life. God wants to be what you treasure most. Can you honestly admit that he is?


Father God, thank you for everything you have done for us. Thank you for the church each of us belongs to, you use each one to bring others to know you. I pray for focus in the church that they will work to fulfil the mission and if there is any fighting among the family I pray for forgiveness and civility. Let the church rise up as one to preach redemption and hope. For those who are part-time believers, not committed, I pray as they have read this you have stirred their hearts and they have rededicated to you and the church you have placed them in. Let them impact their world through their commitment. You strengthen the church you will use us in amazing ways. Use us to change our world. Amen

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