44: 50 Days Freed

We sometimes use Christianity as ‘fire insurance’. Those who have experienced the freedom in Christ know that it is so much more. Humour me though and let’s talk I insurance. Most insurance has a deductible, and the amount you must pay before receiving the benefits. In the Old Testament, the sacrifice was the deductible, they needed to kill a clean animal to receive blessing and forgiveness of sin. Yet it was never enough, they needed to make payments continually as they kept getting in ‘accidents’ or living sinful lives.


Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit.

1 Peter 3: 18


Jesus dying on the cross paid that deductible required, he did not hesitate to give up his life so that you could be free. The part that many in this world cannot understand is that he did it willingly, and then offers this gift back to us with no cost. There are those who overthink Christianity and are continually looking for the fine print that must offer some legality and loopholes to overcome. They spend so much time investigating that they miss out on the gift the policy provides.


Jesus offers us life and freedom from sin. We only need to sign up but asking him into our lives. The first step is not an easy one as we must set aside our pride and selfishness and turn our lives over to the creator. This is where the insurance policy similarities end because with our insurance we tend to buy it and forget about it until we need it. We cannot do that with our relationship with God. God desires to connect with you through prayer, bible study and your daily interactions with others. There is no fear that God will suddenly terminate our relationship, but we can walk away from it. Like any relationship, if one party does not work to connect with the other they will feel lost and alone eventually walking away. God never walks away. Do not blame God for abandoning you, he promises to always be there for you.


So why then should we accept Christ in our lives? Is it really as easy as accepting him into our lives and asking him to forgive our sins? I just don’t think that what I have done will make me acceptable, I don’t feel worthy. Jesus accepts you as you are. He does not ask you to change before he will connect with you. He will then reveal to you the person you were called to be when he created you. What is holding you back from this relationship with him?


Father, many are stuck in bondage where they feel they must get their lives right before they come to you. I pray that this lie is broken and they see you for who you are. Let us not get stuck in the idea that God is too big to care about us. You promised us that you would walk with us, love us and bless us. Give us the strength to share your love with those around us, give us words and opportunities. We are not called to be quiet about the truth. Amen

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