Day 41: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts on Day 41: In a world where intolerance is unacceptable there is becoming a class system. With so many different belief systems and ideas that contradict one another, it is hard to imagine this not happening. We expect others to accept everything, but when you accept everything you really have no foundational center. Certain groups of people who originally wanted to be recognised and accepted are now pushing to rise to become social norms. We are seeing laws and rulings that are making it punishable to speak out if one has a differing view on the matter.


“You’re blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution. The persecution drives you even deeper into God’s kingdom. (Matthew 5:10 MSG)

We as a people fear persecution. Sure, we may never experience things like death for our faith, but we could lose our job or be reprimanded for sharing our faith. We might lose a friend over it.

When I compare those things to what some Christians face such as torture, jail time and execution why am I worried about these things? Do I not have faith that the God who is with those who are willing to die for Him, is the same God I serve and should be able to talk about?

We live in a country of religious freedom yet we are afraid to tell others about Christ as it may offend them. I find it becomes a debate quickly and I want to walk away because I feel unprepared. But I am prepared. Why can’t I just share my faith?

I think in this country it boils down to we have been fed a lie that we need to cater to each others’ beliefs, we shouldn’t step on someone’s toes, even if they are wrong. If you speak out about someone’s lifestyle or belief system, calling them out, you become a bigot or intolerant.

But isn’t it all about how you do it. We as Christians have been labelled by a few bad apples who have spoiled the hearts of millions with their actions. We get judged by our friends once they know we follow Christ, and heaven forbid we make a mistake or a wrong judgment call in the heat of the moment, then our faith and character is now tarred forever.

Today’s challenge is to keep moving forward. Take up the cause. Do what needs to be done to share the love of Christ. Don’t worry about the consequences, let God worry about them. Jesus said there is blessings in the persecutions. If you trust Him with your life then He won’t let you down.

Dear Jesus, to live is great, to die is a direct invite to You. Why are we afraid in the country of freedom to share the freedom You have for the lost? Holy Spirit take away the fear and replace it with a hunger to reach the lost, no longer of what may happen to us if we share Jesus name, but more worried about what will happen if we don’t. Amen