Day 24: 50 Days of Impact



Growing up we have some sort of education, it could be that you never had official schooling yet you learned from the school of hard knocks. Or you may have had a grade 1-12 education, whatever the circumstances we all had to learn how to be a person. Our parents in, most cases, showed us right from wrong and we then decided how we would apply those principles our lives. Years go into becoming who you are. Then one day you accept Christ and become reborn in the faith, how can we expect new believers to know what it means to be a Christian?

“A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but physical discipline will drive it far away.”

Proverbs 22:15 NLT



This verse today I feel can be applied to the new Christian. Youngster referring to someone who is new to the faith. I don’t write this in judgment, just as an observation. Maybe a place where us ‘older’ Christians are failing as mentors.


I see new believers who accept Christ, yet aren’t taught the foundations of Romans 12:1-2. And yes, I understand that it takes time for a new believer to purge themselves of their old lives. Repentance defined is to stop what your doing and turn around. Now this isn’t the case of all new believers, some accept Christ and nothing is the same. Yet others accept Christ and continue to live their lives as nothing has changed. Yes, they have had a heart change, but the outward you would never know.


I think as mentors and believers we need to be bringing these new believers under our wings and discipline them as Jesus called us to do. They don’t generally know where to look or what scriptures show them how to live a life honouring to God. We don’t accept Christ and poof we have an expanded understanding of the bible and what it teaches. It takes time, and if they don’t have good mentors, they will continue in the same lifestyle they had before eventually wandering away from the faith, filling their lives with everything but Jesus. I don’t want to be responsible for that.


So as believers in Christ Jesus, those who have walked with him for years, let us be disciplined to share what we now and mentor the younger, so they won’t stumble and fall.


Dear Jesus, help us to be better mentors and disciples. We need to step up to the calling and love our younger believers showing them your word and guiding them in their new faith. Thank you, Jesus, for all you do for us, and all the people you are calling. We want to do your will. Holy Spirit guide us in this we pray. Amen