Day 42: 50 Days of Impact

Ask around, would those you know prefer a Big Mac, or their Mom’s best homemade _____. Mom always makes it better. I am sure we have all used the phrase, it is good but you should try my Grandma’s recipe. They may even ask you to get it so they can try it for themselves. With this enthusiasm, we need to be telling others about our faith. Let them see that we are not just pushing something we haven’t truly experienced ourselves. They need to see joy of our salvation and relationship and desire to experience the love that we have. They need to ask for it.


“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!”

Psalms 34:8 NLT


I woke up with this though running trough my head, ‘ taste and see that the Lord is good.’ If only those around us would taste and see. What are we offering those around us to taste? If we are living our life like them then we have nothing to offer them, do we? Are we showing them something different? I liken it to the world is living off fast food spirituality. Just like fast food, it is quick to get at, smells great, satisfies quickly and will destroy you slowly from the inside out.


As followers of Jesus, we are given the word of God. The bread of life, fresh home cooked made from the heart of God food. Not chemically enhanced and machine formed, God made us a unique and amazing food to enjoy. Spiritually the word of God will heal us from the inside, just like changing your eating habits will cleanse your body. The more we eat of his word the stronger we become, the more attractive we become. Think of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, when offered rich salty and fatty foods during their training, they asked to be put to the test and eat only whole fruits, veggies and grains. When the test was over they were the healthiest of all the students.

Do people ask you what your eating? What is it that makes you different? If you can live your life to make others ask questions on why you are the way you are then witnessing would be easy. When people ask a question, they expect an answer. If you try to force an answer on people who have yet asked a question how effective will you be?


Jesus, I want to be sharing your word with others, I want others to see what you are doing in my life, ask questions and let them taste and see that the Lord is good. I want to life a life of health living and without the junk food that destroys. They matter to you so they matter to me, let them ask the questions, Holy Spirit give me the answers let me be ready to share the faith. Amen