19: 50 Days of 3:16

The bible is full of prophecy, things that will come to happen insights into the future that no one could even imagine happening. The restoration of Israel that happening in 1948 was foretold in the Bible. Make no mistake, there is more to happen the Bible prophecy is not yet complete.


In those days, when your numbers have increased greatly in the land,” declares the Lord, “people will no longer say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the Lord.’ It will never enter their minds or be remembered; it will not be missed, nor will another one be made.

Jeremiah 3:16


We have come to the point in society where God is an afterthought. Many would claim that their country was built on Christian foundations but when we look at them now we often wonder what happened. God in Jerimiah made a promise that when all hope was thought to be lost he would bring his people back together. There is a promise that Jerusalem will be known as ‘The Throne of the Lord’ that the people will return to worship God.

Jeremiah 3, is a verse that reminds me of a loving Father calling his children to forgiveness. He is not oblivious to the sins they have committed, but he loves them nonetheless and is calling them to humble themselves and repent so He can bless them. That is the issue that many in this world today cannot accept is the acknowledgement that they have sinned. They believe they are good people and that they have done nothing wrong. Until their sin is revealed to them they don’t even know there is anything going on.

What can we do as believers to show those around us that God loves them and is eagerly waiting for them to come to him? If we read one verse earlier we see that God is preparing and using shepherds who have the heart of God. They will be used to guide others in the truth with wisdom and understanding. You have been given the mission of reaching the lost by Jesus himself, you have been given the Holy Spirit to provide wisdom and understanding. God has prepared or is preparing you to be a shepherd to guide his people into freedom. Are you allowing God to mentor you in being the shepherd to the people around you? They have forgotten who God is, and many don’t even care to know. How will they know they need a savior if no one tells them?


Father, prepare us to be shepherds to those around us. This means having wisdom to know when they are hurting, when to speak words of encouragement and eyes to see when they are hurting. Let us not ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit in these experiences. We want to be effective in sharing your love in this world. Show us what we need to do next, we turn from all our evil desires and follow you. Amen