Day 37: 50 Days of Change

“Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.”‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

When some of us read this passage we feel like we’ll then, what exactly are we supposed to be doing here, but what we need to slerate is the word world from the word earth. The earth is and was created to sustain us, we were called from the beginning to take care of it, help it to multiply. So for for us to enjoy the physical earth and all that it has to offer is to revel in the glory of Gods creation. 

Now the world that John speaks of her in this text is directed to the life and lifestyle of those outside of the faith. Those who live sinful lives oblivious to the fact that the path they are on leads to everlasting life with out God. Some live in full knowledge that they want nothing to do with God, which should boggle the mind of any believer, how one could once know the love of the Father yet choose a life of sin. This begs the question did they really know God the first time? I can’t judge the sincerity of their faith, but what made them walk away from their first love? Something in this world outside Gods love tempted them. 

The saying goes when you play with fire you are bound to get burned. My daughter has started a passion for reading, she has shown interest in the fantasy genre. I am working hard to guide her from this as I know that many if not all focus on some sort of  magic and if she has not set her feet on a solid foundation of faith that it may effect her. She doesn’t understand my thoughts when I tell her to return a book because it isn’t healthy for her, but I know that we must be wise in what we input into our minds. I gave here the options, read all your bible and if you do then I won’t be the judge of what else you read. I want her to read the truth, I want her to have the love of the Father in her life.

So how are you living your walk with Jesus? The world has nothing beneficial to offer. Sure it may have some seemingly fun things to offer, but almost always there are strings attached. Don’t be fooled you can’t love God and the world. Are you ready to change the way you think about life and walk with God, trusting he will not let you down? He has good things for you, let him in and show you.

Father, thank you for this awesome earth you have created for us. Help us to enjoy the earth and avoid the worldly things that will harm us. Sin has infected a lot of things and what we think may be innocent may very well be deadly. Holy Spirit guide us through life, show us what we need to do to be effective in our daily walk. We want to be seen as a people set apart, not as isolated but with something to offer, something more. We want to reach others with the truth about Jesus salvation and love. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen