Day 18: 50 Days of Impact

What does it mean to be a good or pure person? I am sure that most people you ask will tell you that they are good people, they compare themselves to other “good” people or even “bad” people and if they hit the mark or consider themselves better then they are good. We have incorporated this into how we daily communicate with one another, “how’s your day?” “good”, “how you doing?” “good”, or “how’s the family?” “good”. We have ingrained into our hearts that if we don’t lie, cheat, steal or murder and we follow the laws of the land we must be good people. I mean I don’t do what they do.

So, with this though pattern as the basis of their lives, when we bring them the good news of Jesus and the salvation he provides, they often are confused as why they need him. The are already ‘good’ people. The may say why wouldn’t a good God let me into heaven I am a good person. They truly don’t understand the big picture of being good or pure.


“People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives.”

Proverbs 16:2 NLT


What’s your motive for what you do today? Are you living your life to pleasure yourself? Or are you focused on the great commission of reaching and saving the lost?


We get so caught up in out lives that our focus is so far off track. Honestly, I have been there. I know where I need to be but for so long I have been focused on me that I need to stop and focus on Jesus. Sure, it is easy to say but super hard to do. We are bombarded daily by things that continually tell us the focus needs to be on us. Things we can do to make us pure, things that give us pleasure, things to take the pain away.


But if we can turn our eyes to Jesus, set our motives back to doing his will and focusing our attention on our task of fulfilling the great commission, how much more will our lives be satisfied. There will always be a cliff hanger at the end of a tv show, there is always a sequel to your movie, the next drink in only a bottle way, but Jesus can satisfy you in ways material things can’t.


So, I challenge you today to refocus your motives back to sharing your faith with other, tell them about Jesus. Let your relationship with him be a sweet aroma, something they desire. It will satisfy more then anything else.


Dear Jesus, I no longer want to be just seeing myself pure in my own eyes. My motives have been for me. I no longer want that, I want my focus to be on you and telling people about you. Holy Spirit help me to get over my barriers that I have put in place and reach others with the love of Christ. Let my life be a reflection of your goodness so others can see you in me, show them that their “good” isn’t good enough that they need you. Amen




Day 17: 50 Days of Change

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8

The news yesterday told of a man, a firefighter, risking his life to save a woman who had somehow climbed up a work crane 150 feet up and had managed to get on the hook dangling from the crane line. Robert being the most agile and experienced climber was selected for this daring rescue. Listening to an interview last night he spoke of how scary it was but he showed no indication that he was put out or angry with the woman for her act of stupidity. He honestly and truly was grateful to be helping her. His sincerity and passion for his job and explaining the rescue displayed to me his pure heart. When he was suspended 150 feet in the air next to her having a conversation, she had to make the choice to be helped, if she refused she would most likely have fallen.He even said he after rescuing her told her that if she was fined he would foot her fines. he wasn’t looking for a reward, nor a pat on the back, no he wanted to go even farther and show this woman even more grace.

Isn’t the Christian experience with Jesus very similar to that? Jesus was selected by God to be our rescuer. He made the daring and heroic effort to come to where we are. As he suspends himself next to us in our condition he asks us to trust him and his rescue, he wants us to jump into his arms and know his love. the amazing part is he isn’t done once we are rescued. he wants to give us so much more, life abundantly. he only asks for one thing in return, take the love you have experienced and share it with other revealing to them that they too can be rescued from their predicaments.

Would you risk your life to save another? Would you share your faith to save someone from an eternity without God? We are called to do both. When we love one another and Love our neighbours as ourselves we will start to do these things as second nature. Jesus didn’t hesitate to rescue you.

Jesus, give me a pure heart to be able to see others as you do. let me see their need of you and tell them about how you rescued me. I pray that we could all have the courage to save someone’s physical life as well as their spiritual condition. Give us opportunities to share your love each and ever day. let it not be a surprise to us that someone needs Jesus, but something we expect to encounter daily. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen