Day 9: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts on Day 9: Our actions speak louder than words. We say that all the time.It is kinda of ironic if you think about it. Let us stop talking about doing things and actually do them. We want people to know they are loved, great, but let’s start loving them in practical ways.



1 John 3:18 My dear children, let’s not just talk about love; let’s practice real love.

For the purpose of today’s devotional, I will be talking about Love as the Websters Dictionary states as (4th definition in the list) ” unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”.

The Bible talks a lot about love. From love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, to love your enemies, to love one another. I ask the question, are we showing that love to those around us? When someone has 12 items in the 10 items or less line, are we grumbling about their lack of following direction and reading skills, or are we loving them? (I’m Guilty) When someone cuts into the parking spot are you ready to snap and confront them with some unpleasant words? (Again Guilty) When driving on a two-lane highway and someone speeds past you because you are behind a slow driver or someone won’t leave the right lane and are going slow does your frustration burn a little? (me again) Why is it so easy to get upset and angry and not as easy to show love?

What can we do in the above situations to show some practical love? I am asking God daily to help me a better person, not to let my anger get control of me. I want God’s love to resonate in everything I do, so that I won’t just talk about love but that it will be seen in me and in all I do. I pray the same for you.

We are saved by faith alone, but once Christ is in our lives we should want to do things to glorify His name by showing others His love with our actions. Helping the poor, helping families in need, assisting in your church, working in your community, sharing your faith with those around you, and so many other amazing things. So, if you are saved by grace, what are you doing to Practice Real Love?

Dear Jesus, help us today to see ways that we can practice real love. We continually say that we want others to see you through us, let what they see be a true reflection of who you are. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen