Day 29: 50 Days All In

I started this morning making my toast. It was unusually taking longer than normal. Then I noticed one important fact. It was unplugged. Part of having a strong all in relationship is ensuring we are plugged into the source.
“God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.”
1 John 4:9 NLT
Wonder why your life with Jesus isn’t doing much? Maybe you are unplugged and you didn’t even realize it happened. It is time to plug your self back into Jesus. The two prongs that we must keep plugged in are;
1. Prayer – daily talking and walking with Jesus, by reading his word and meditating on it, communicating with him daily will keep you plugged in. Many will say “sure we heard this all before” yet the truth of the matter is hearing it and applying it are two different things. The ‘experts’ say it takes 14-21 days to formulate a habit. Making your habit realistic helps too. To go from 0-100 in one day isn’t going to last long. Start with realistic goals, like 20 min a day of reading your bible and prayer. Once you dig in you will start to go over your time and it won’t matter. Starting is the key.
2. Participation – church, small groups, connecting with other believers and talking more about Jesus then sports, news and weather. We need to stay connected and work towards a common goal that Jesus gave us to reach the lost. The next most important relationship you have next to Jesus is the one you have with your family of believers. They are there to build you up and in your walk with God. To forsake the family of believers and attempt a solo Christian walk is contrary to Jesus example to us of the community of believers. Even Jesus had 12 disciples who were not just his followers but his friends. Take the time not only to connect with people in your church who you relate with, get to know some of the people outside your age demographic, older, younger, teenagers and the children. These bonds need to span all generations so that the family grows strong in their faith.
As you have been reading this, maybe something has been resounding in your heart. Maybe you are drained from not being connected to the source of life, Jesus. It may have been years since you made your first commitment to follow God and are wondering will he even take me back after I am drained like this. Unlike normal batteries where once the power is gone they are discarded, God restores us, recharges us and makes us new again. We are not disposable, he can restore you, bring you back to a place where you can connect with Him.
Plug yourself back in today. Recommit to following God with your all. Let him know that you want to start living and all in lifestyle.
Jesus, so many of us have unplugged ourselves from you. I ask Father that through prayer and participation we can connect back with you. Energize us to understand that those around us who are lost matter to you, and they should matter to me. I want to reach others for you. Restore those who have been living apart from you. Help us to live our lives All In. Amen