10: 50 Days of 3:16

What do we do when God gives a message? Paul was adamant that all believers should be praying for prophecy or divine revelations from God. He set them as the most valuable resource that we can access in our faith journey. Many believers are not seeking wisdom to be able to share with others, they work in their own strength. If I was a paperboy delivering 50 papers but I refused or was oblivious to use the bag they provided to help me carry them my job would not be as effective as it could be if I would only use the bag to carry my papers. When we use what God provides sharing our faith with others becomes a lot more easier


But Eli called him and said, “Samuel, my son.”

Samuel answered, “Here I am.”

1 Samuel 3:16


Here in today’s 3:16 we see the morning after Samuel had his first conversation with God. If you read the whole story we come to find that God called Samuel in his sleep and three times Samuel went to his boss thinking it was his voice calling out.  I interpret that as God was using the voice of Eli to speak to Samuel. After the third time being awoke,n, Eli realizes that this must be God calling Samuel telling him to respond and listen. Samuel being an obedient person responds to God receiving a message. The message Samuel received was not one he would have expected and was a promise that God would punish Eli and his family for what his boys had been doing. This would be an example to the people of what would happen if they played games with God. The boys who were priest were doing wicked things which were contradictory to everything the priests were called to do.


Eli, being a follower of God and trusting him, wanted to know what Samuel had heard from God the next morning. Samuel was scared that if he told Eli that he would be looked at unfavourably and maybe even called a liar. Eli made it quite clear to Samuel that if he was not to share what God had told him it would be worse off for him to keep it to himself then to share it. Samuel revealed his conversation with God to Eli who understood all that was going on and responded, ‘let Him do what is good in His eye’s’. Eli showed a divine respect for God and understood that God is good, and evil was not permitted to go unpunished.


God will reveal many things to us to share with others. They will not always be words of judgement, but more words of compassion, love and revelation of things that you should ought not to have known. He reveals the secrets of their hearts to you so that you can connect with them and show them God’s love for them. We are called to give that word and message to them, keeping it to ourselves does not do us any good other than giving into our fears of rejection. There is freedom in obeying God and sharing his words of love to others. If we want to grow in our faith we need to start telling God ‘Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”.

Father. Speak for your servant is listening. Give us wisdom today to share your message of hope with others. Give us words to share that can only be revealed by you. Help us to push past our fears and open our lips giving the messages you have for us to share. Use us as a might force to change this world and showcase your love. Let me be the light in the darkness the salt in this decaying world. Amen