8: 50 Days of 3:16

Israel was called into the land God had promised. After Joshua had been gone the people easily strayed away from God. They easily adopted the practices of those communities around them, being sponges instead of being salt and light to the world around them. This made it hard for God to bless them as they were ignoring Him for other things. So, God anointed Judges to turn the people back to Him. This worked for a time but eventually, the next generation would grow up and make the same mistakes of their parents. This cycle is prevalent all throughout the book of Judges.


Now Ehud had made a double-edged sword about a cubit[d] long, which he strapped to his right thigh under his clothing.

Judges 3:16


We meet Ehud in chapter 3 at a time, once again, where Israel has turned their backs on God once again. When this happens we almost always see oppression from the enemies that seduced Israel to their gods and ways. The very thing they longed for was no being their hardship. This happens to us even today. Many times, the things we seek after when we finally receive them they are not what we expected and now have control over us. Drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, fame, fortune to name a few.


Who was Ehud? Well, we know the first thing that it was important to tell us he was left-handed. Why is this important? Well, it would have set him apart from the people. It wasn’t normal then to be left-handed, it could have been a sign of sin or being set apart by God. We do not have a definitive answer but we do know that he was different.  We also know he was confident in what he was called to do. To strap a 18inch sword to your leg knowing full well you were intent of assassinating the oppressors king takes much courage and determination. Read on in the chapter to see how Ehud accomplished his mission.


We are called by God to do great things. No, I don’t believe He is calling people today to be assassins. The days of Judges are over, and we have been given a new mission. We are oppressed and put through hardships, but our weapon today is love. When we are told about the armour of God there are many pieces, but only one weapon. This weapon is the World of God. The Bible. We use the powerful words inside to reveal the hope that is Christ Jesus to the world. Are you ready to listen to what God is calling you to? You are a son or daughter of the King who is calling you to reach out to the hurting around you. You have giftings that only you can do that will help bring people to know Him. He promised strength through the Holy Spirit. Talk with Him, He knows all about you and wants to use you in this mission.


Father, we keep following the example of the Israelites and turning from you to chase after what the world has to offer. Forgive us for this, break this cycle in our hearts so that we can be effective in reaching those around us who need to know you. Let our example be that of one who loves you and is open to your voice. Holy Spirit guide us in where we need to go, who we need to talk to, provide us with wisdom and knowledge that we could never have obtained unless it is from You. We want to be effective Christians. Amen