33: 50 Days of 3:16

Mankind without the redemptive power of the cross is destined for destruction. Ever since sin was unleashed in the world it has steadily been working to destroy the creation that was meant to glorify God. Many are oblivious to this destructive destiny that is a part of their lives going through the motions.


Destruction and misery are in their ways:

Romans 3:16


Here is Romans Paul is writing about the human condition. How by our own means we are not or never will be righteous in Gods eyes. We all will one day be held to account for our actions and the sin that we have accumulated in our lifetimes. The judgement is based on sin, not on levels of good and bad, which many believe is what is coming. Our good deeds and bad deeds are not put on a scale with whichever has the most weight winning. Our sin, fully exposed will be the basis of what we are judged on. Each and every human born into this world is born into sin and they with their own strength cannot remove it.


God knew this to be true and worked out a way for mankind to be free from the bondage of sin. He sent his son Jesus to be born on the earth, walk among us and die so that we may have a way to be free of the curse of sin. Believe my sin is a curse, unknown to us this curse has infected us, and Jesus blood is the only cure. This cure is freely given to those who would surrender themselves to serving him. This must be a choice of each person as this gift must be accepted never imposed.  It just doesn’t work any other way.


Do you feel like your life is full of destruction and misery? Maybe you have been living your life trying to weigh your deed feeling the good outweighs the bad. The harder you work at this the farther behind you get. Jesus is waiting for you to surrender your life to him, all you need to do is admit that you cannot do it yourself and need his forgiveness. He will remove your sins, not just cover them over but remove them as far as the east is from the west. No other religion promise this type of grace, love and forgiveness. What are you waiting for?


Father, forgive us for our sins and help us to surrender fully to you. You never promised that this life would be an easy one, give us the strength to endure. Give us the wisdom to talk to others and share your love with them. Help us overcome our fears and speak the truth to them. Use us to be your light. Amen


20: 50 Days of 3:16

Here in the middle of the Bible, we find a book that is unlike many others. This book is Lamentations where Jerimiah has written about the desolation of Judah and how he and the people are dealing with this destruction. If you were looking for a book to build you up this may not be the place you need to look. Why then is this book of sorrow left in the bible?

He has broken my teeth with gravel;
he has trampled me in the dust.

Lamentations 3:16


I believe this book remained as it is a way to work through grief. Many biblical figures have been upset with how God has dealt with them. How they all move forward from this has been wide and ranged but each one demonstrates the results of the attitude of our hearts. Here in Lamentations, Jerimiah and the people of Israel are experiencing the devastation, they don’t see the whole picture and what the are experiencing is all there is. As the reader, we see what the past, present and future was for the people who were called by God. We know that this moment in their nation’s history had been foretold and expected due to their inability to stay focused on the God who promised to fulfil all their needs.  But at the moment just like our lives we only see what is happening now. Many might diagnose Jeremiah as depressed or have some form of PTSD when he wrote this, and you probably might be correct. Mental illness has been around since the beginning of mankind just how we deal with it is changing.


Jerimiah in writing this as a prophet of God was feeling hurt with all this disaster happening all around. He himself was probably feeling like he had failed the people, other prophets of the past didn’t deal with this Elijah and Elisha, only remembering the miracles and not the trials they experienced. When we look at others and compare ourselves to only their accomplishments and deeds we always will fall shorts.  If I was to compare my writings to that of another famous Christian writer I would be discouraged too. I could ask why my following isn’t as large. Yet I don’t so that God will be lifted up. I believe those who read my words are those who need to be reading them and God will use me to reach a few or reach many. So in Jerimiah’s thinking of his life, God had failed him. Even in 5:20 we see him asking God why He has forgotten them. Jerimiah had forgotten that God is always there.


Do you feel today that God has abandoned you? Maybe you feel that all hope is lost and at this moment in time, you are only looking at the situation you are in. We need to expand our view and look at what God has done in the past, what He is doing now and what He has promised He will do. Living in the moment and focusing on our troubles is what can lead us down a path of depression. Expecting that God will change things up, that He is in control and that He holds the future in His hand will be a game changer in your life. God loves you in the good times and the bad and wants to use those experiences to strengthen you.


Father, someone reading this might be going through one of these hard depressing times in their lives. I pray even as the read this they will see you through the storm. They will reach out to you and see what you have done for them in the past, what you are doing for them and what you have promised them. Holy Spirit surrounds them and empower them to overcome this time of depression, let life surge through their veins and destroy any thoughts that could be destructive. Raise them up to be mighty warriors and lead the charge to reach others who are in the same situations.  Free them so they are able to help free others. Amen

17: 50 Days of 3:16

We expect our governments and courts to be able to judge on right and wrong. We bring the issues that we cannot deal with ourselves to them for just judgement. And for a time it may have been that way, but what is happening in today’s society the laws are being changed to suit the desires of sinful man.


 And I saw something else under the sun:

In the place of judgment—wickedness was there,
in the place of justice—wickedness was there.

Ecclesiastes 3:16


Every country is dealing with these issues. It can be a hot topic issue like gender identity or something that is being pushed with little media attention like bestiality. I just read that two years ago that in my own country people could have sex with animals, ruled okay by the supreme court. We have laws in place in the last 50 years or so that have allowed millions of children the potential to survive for the sake of convenience. Sin corrupts not just man, but it has spread to all aspects of this world.

God set up the laws well ahead of any other society. They were set for a reason, to convey right from wrong and to help identify what things, if participated in, should be punished. Many countries had used these laws as a basis to build their justice systems from, yet today they look much different then when they were created. As in the days of Noah, men did whatever they thought best in their own eyes, look what happened to them.

What can we do? As believers, we can pray for courage to stand up to these areas that are sinful. We must be willing to stand by God’s teachings of what is right and wrong. For us to blindly accept things that go against the bible is not right, and we need to love those who are trying to enforce these falsehoods upon us. It will do us no good to protest and be belligerent about it, that will only fuel the fire and prove what they already think about Christians. Wise strategic moves, revealing the truth in what we say, showing them that God loves them but that we don’t absolutely agree on actions and laws that go against God. This doesn’t mean we isolate ourselves from the world, Jesus wouldn’t have done that, he would have engaged and shown them love and compassion revealing the truth of the situation. Let us work to be like Jesus and shine the light of truth in this world.


Father, sin has infected our justice and judgement systems. We pray for the healing of these areas and that people who are confused by the law will turn to you for answers. The things that are being passed these days for laws are so contradictory to our faith, yet people are accepting them as truth. Give us boldness to confidently stand up for our faith even if it means persecution. Help us to be effective in the mission of reaching the lost as they are looking for you. Amen

7: 50 Days of 3:16

We hear the word miracle and our minds quickly move to Jesus and the amazing things He did while on the earth. But miracles were happening all the way back in the beginning. The Holy Spirit though not indwelling in all those who accepted Jesus, was still at work before Jesus times. We see his first appearance in Genesis 1 where it reads ‘the Spirit of God hovered over the waters’. Here in Joshua, we see the children of Israel experienced a miracle that they had heard about but would have never experienced. Their parents or grandparents had fled Egypt and had crossed the Red Sea on dry land. Here they were about to do the same thing.


The water above that point began backing up a great distance away at a town called Adam, which is near Zarethan. And the water below that point flowed on to the Dead Sea[c] until the riverbed was dry. Then all the people crossed over near the town of Jericho.

Joshua 3:16


Moses has passed away and Joshua is leading the people into the promised land. They had already taken the land on this side of the Jordan, leaving behind the families of two tribes but requesting the men come and fight till all Israel had a home. Standing on the shores of the Jordan they could have taken the long route to go around finding a narrow bend or safer location to cross. As we read a few verses before the waters of the Jordan were gorged as it was flooded. To be in that crowd of people and hear Joshua cry forward into the water, would have been quite a scene. In faith, the priests carrying the Ark, the ‘home’ of God among His people, went in first. The waters began to open up as if divided by unseen hands, a mile one way and a mile the other. The riverbed exposed for the whole people and livestock to travel through.


The priest carrying the Ark moved to the middle of the river and waited until all had passed. This indicates that every man, woman, and child had to have passed the Ark and those carrying it. This was important as to show them that it was God who made this happen. It did not say Joshua was in the middle God waited in the middle to ensure all His people made it through safely. God is right there with you in the middle of whatever is happening in your life. Do not be fooled into thinking He is elsewhere not interested in what is happening to you. There very well could be a miracle happening all around you and you are just unaware as you follow the crowd through the river.


The last point I want to pull out of this verse is that when they arrived on the shore in the promised land they are right next to their first obstacle, Jericho. If you do not know why the city of Jericho was an issue I suggest you continue reading the next few chapters. But a quick review is that Jericho was a city with massive fortifications. Nothing that this wandering army had ever seen or had the weaponry to defeat yet God was calling them to take this city. Even worse the people had more than likely seen the river split or had heard reports of this mass of people coming from the river and were on high alert prepared for what was coming. So the Israelites came out of a miracle and directly into a problem. Expect in your life that when we do experience miracles that almost right away we may be challenged in some way that will make us question why we do what we do. The Israelites started asking why they had even bothered crossing to come to such adversity they could never overcome on their own. They lost sight of what God did almost as soon as the river splashed back into place. God is calling us to keep our eyes on Him and not the obstacle. As you will read God provided another miracle when the Israelites obeyed his direction. You can overcome your obstacles if you just ask and listen to God’s directions.


Father, there are many obstacles we come across in life, we believe you have the answer to them all. You can give us the tools to overcome or you can provide a miracle that no one can explain. Help us to see you in the miracle and give you all the glory. When adversity comes out the way we pray that the same power the Holy Spirit gave to split the sea or calm the waves or raise the dead will be empowered to us so that your name is lifted high. Use us to reach the lost and share your love and faithfulness to this world. Amen

2: 50 Days of 3:16

To summarize to this point in the Bible. God creates the world, each day calling his creation good. On the sixth day he creates men and woman and calls them very good. He gives them responsibilities and freedoms to maintain and look after everything on the earth. Eat from any tree but keep away from one as it is forbidden to eat from it. Deception through a snake and human curiosity got the better of them and they partook in eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. God knew this had happened yet gave them an opportunity to fess up, yet they know eyes open to good and evil, choose to hide and then play the blame game. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake. The snake doesn’t get to defend himself. God seeing the role the serpent had played determined his fate first. He then turned to Eve;


“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
with painful labor you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you.”

Genesis 3:16


Right then and there God could have wiped mankind out. It would have been easy, and he could have started over. Yet this shows us that God is in it for the long game, he wasn’t surprised that man had fallen. I believe God gives us choices for a reason, He knew both results hoping that his creation would choose one over the other but He had a plan in place. The order He deals out the punishment for the sinful act is important. He promises when dealing with the snake that a seed from Eve would crush the snake for what it had done. This promise was important in that when it was Eve’s turn and she was told that childbirth was going to be severe and labor painful there was hope that one day there would be redemption for what they had done. Childbirth would be a reminder of the choice she had made for all future generations.


The second part of this verse is often misused and misquoted. Many an aggressive husband or controlling one will take this and use it as an excuse to do things that no man should ever do. Being married for 17 years I can see the importance of why this verse is important in the union of man and woman. We often use the word love to express how we feel but it has become cheapened to the point that we can just fall out of love and end relationships. The desire that God sets in place here is a passion for her husband that keeps her there through thick and thin. When times are tough she doesn’t run out. When the ‘love’ is dried up she doesn’t go off looking for love in all the wrong places. This isn’t just her part to play, the man is to rule over her. Not with an iron fist and a list of rules, but as a protector, lover, a man full of respect for his wife. He needs to know his wife intimately understanding her needs and desires. He must be a leader who knows his family and doesn’t give up on them but fights for them daily.


Adam or men didn’t get off any easier, read the next few verses and you will see that man got a bigger earful then woman. But in the end, they left the creator together. They weren’t separated they needed one another. We need one another. Your husband needs you wife. You wife needs you husband. Do not give up on one another. God hasn’t given up on you.


Father, watch over us. Protect us from the lies of the enemy whose desire is to distract us from following you. He caught Adam and Eve in the garden and even today he is working to keep us away from experiencing you. We want a relationship with you, thank you for restoring this relationship through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Let us walk with you and learn your ways. Use us to help others find this freedom that is only found in you, Amen

47: 50 Days Freed

As we near the end of this 50 Days Freed journey you may have noticed that the last few posts have been aimed at freedom from sin. Each one with a call to repent and to accept the relationship that God desires to have with you. This is no accident. If you have been reading daily and do not have this connection with God, ask yourself why you keep coming back? It is probably not because of my amazing writing skills but a desire to meet with Jesus.


Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty, is divided between God and the world.

James 4:8


Here is James it is laid out quite simply what must be done to be free from the prison of sin. Everyone is born in this prison, Jesus broke the door and made a way for everyone to walk out of this prison, yet in our stubbornness, we refuse to accept his help. What a promise written here, ‘come close to God and he will come close to you’. What is clear is that it doesn’t put a list of things you must do first. It does not read, get your things in order and then God will come close to you. No, come as you are, stains, rips, brokenness and shame. Just like the Father watching for his son who had abandoned him, he saw him a far way off, ran to him and embraced him as he was. That seems like an okay response, but think about where the son just came from; he had been working with the pigs sitting in their pens, and he had just made a very long journey to return home. He would not have smelled very clean, he most likely didn’t stop to freshen up as he had no money left. But his Father embraced him as he was.


The second part of this verse is for those who have accepted Jesus as their saviour yet feel they can be living life in sin with no consequences. We as believers are called to separate ourselves from our old sinful ways. We cannot serve two masters. Washing our hands is symbolic of when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. Peter in the moment asked Jesus to wash his whole body, yet Jesus told him he only needs to clean the dirty part. When we sin, we need to remove the dirt from our lives, clean the area where sin has invaded so that it does not infect the whole body.  Some believe that once you have accepted Jesus you can walk in sin and it does not matter as Jesus has forgiven all our sins past, present and future, so we now have a free pass. This lie from the enemy is there to divide us, again you cannot serve God and the world. Make your choice.


Sin is a prison we need to be freed from. Inside the prison of sin separates us from God and leads to a death sentence separated from God. Do not despair, there is hope, Jesus came and died so you can be free and have that death sentence removed. Not only is it removed but replaced with a hope of eternal life living with the creator. The choice is yours, are you happy in your prison of sin, disguised as life or are you ready to experience a relationship with the one who created you?


Father, today there is someone reading this that needs to experience you. They are tired of living life in sin and the bondage it has on them. Show them that there is life in you. Use your believers to reach out and share the love of Jesus with them. Help them to understand what he has done so they can live. Help us as believers to be outgoing witnesses of your love. Opening our mouths to tell others about you. We want to be effective in helping free others. Amen

36: 50 Days Freed

With so many different denominations and groups of people out there how do we truly know who has the truth? The internet provides new and interesting ideas about faith and strange interpretations of what is in the bible. How does one go about understanding and shifting out the garbage without getting trapped in a prison of lies and traps? How can we live in freedom when the enemy keeps putting luring traps in our way?



“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.”

2 Timothy 4:3-4 NLT


If you only want to eat Cotton candy you may enjoy it for the time your eating it but it will never fill you. It will slowly rot your life and in the end, give you an upset stomach.


I am sure we have all experienced a sermon that didn’t carry its weight. Something about it felt off. We should leave any time together challenged or changed. If that hasn’t happened to you lately, then you need to ask your self one of two questions 1) what am I getting from to sermons? Or 2) is what the minister preaching truth or fluff? A good public speaker can keep people comfortable, a good pastor will keep his people ready for action.


Maybe it is something your reading on a blog, book or found while watching TV. It rings of truth but there is something new added that is enticing you to keep digging in yet there is solid teaching in it. How do you go about deciding if it is from God or from the enemy?


The bible has been provided to us for our use. It is not a tool only to be used by professional pastors or clergy but given to everyone. Some may not have access to a physical bible and I pray that one day they will. Yet for those who do have a Bible, there is no excuse to why they can’t dig in and investigate teachings that could go against God. We should be taking notes in church and not just taking in the sermon on Sunday but applying it to our lives all week after by going over the notes. Your Pastor is human too and makes mistakes, that’s okay, but if they are preaching something unbiblical how would you know if you never checked it out?


The Bible provides solid food and ways to live our Christian walk. We can compare facts here. Do not be fooled by the enemy with his talk of prosperity, what you must do to be saved and other weird and odd additions that he has skilfully tricked people into to teaching. Use the Bible as a guide to vet these practices, if we do this we can avoid the traps and keep walking strong in our freedom.


Dear Jesus, help us to know when we are eating junk food. We need to be consuming real food from your word. Jesus, we need to be reaching to the world for you. Help us to continue in this, giving us opportunities on a daily basis in every area if our lives. Amen



35: 50 Days Freed

Paul was a man who knew what it was like to be freed. He was once one of the fiercest opponents of this new Christian faith that in his eyes, and those he associated with, that this was a rough group that must be cut off before they infected the mainstream. He had made it his mission to search out and execute anyone who did not reject this new practice. Yet Jesus saw something in this man that no one else did. He took Saul and offered him a chance to change his ways and follow Him. In that moment Saul accepting what Jesus was offering changing his name to Paul as an outward sign of his inward change.


This letter is from Paul, an apostle. I was not appointed by any group of people or any human authority, but by Jesus Christ himself and by God the Father, who raised Jesus from the dead.

All the brothers and sisters here join me in sending this letter to the churches of Galatia.

May God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live.  All glory to God forever and ever! Amen

Galatians 1: 1-5


Paul knew firsthand what it was like to receive an audible calling from Jesus. This type of call to believe is rare but not unheard of these days. There are reports of stories of Muslim men and woman being spoken to by Jesus and then repenting choosing to give up everything to follow Christ.  I believe we are so overwhelmed by entertainment here in the east that we do not know how to block it out and hear his voice. I can attest to this as last night as I was at our churches prayer time I was bombarded with things that distracted me on focusing on prayer. I left feeling discouraged and wondering if I just wasted an hour of my time.


I am finding it hard to separate myself from the entertainment of the world. There is always a great new TV show or movie to watch. Maybe it is the latest novels that are enjoyable to you. Yet we avoid or spend minimal time investing in the bible which is written with the intent of us learning the heart of God. We see later in Galatians 1 that Paul writes that he was freed in Christ but did not run headfirst into the ministry, he waited three years to pray and learn, asking God for direction and purpose. He separated himself from the old ways that had put him on a path of destruction. How effective would Paul have been if he had accepted Christ but still hung out with the people who were killing believers?


I guess the question I ask myself as well as you, is do we truly want to be rescued from this evil world?  Or are the pleasures so good that they feel like to leave them behind is asking too much? I don’t have the answer for you, but I know this if we trust God and dig into His word asking Him to guide our path He will put our feet on the path of freedom. Only then will we become effective in sharing our faith with others. And that is our ultimate mission is it not?


Father, I pray for grace and peace to all who read this message. I ask today that you guide us to the path of freedom. Holy Spirit move in us to dig deep into the bible asking questions and receiving answers. Help us to choose Jesus over the distractions of this world and become effective in sharing our faith with others. If we want to truly escape the evils of the world we need to recognize them, help us to see what is hindering our faith. We pray that we become stronger bearers of the light and shine brighter than ever before. We pray for freedom. Amen

6: 50 Days Freed

There are some who have taken the freeing power of Jesus and created a system where they use their freedom as an excuse to sin. Why shouldn’t I have the freedom to do whatever I want, I am forgiven for it. This mentality may work for a moment but to create a life and routine reveals the heart of the man. One can only dance around in the snake pit so long before they are bitten.
What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Romans 6: 1-2
The grace extended to us on the cross was sufficient to cover all our sins past, present and future. But it was never meant to become an excuse to sin. The power of sin was defeated but sin will not be completely destroyed until the day the enemy is thrown into the pit of fire and the new heaven and new earth are put in place. As Paul writes to the Romans we don’t need to dabble in sin to prove the grace of God. He displayed that already for us on the cross and when we accepted his forgiveness.
When we accept Jesus as our savior and redeemer his grace removes the sin that we give him to remove. We accept his grace but there are times where we hold on to sin and tuck it away trying to hide it from him. Those secrets that “he doesn’t need to know about” are not really hidden from him. If we don’t give them to him it becomes like a cavity, it may not bother us right away but one day if not treated will become an unbearable pain we will have to deal with, it will be exposed. If we do not deal with it then the temptation to live in sin will be increased.
Before we accepted Jesus we were living in a cheap motel room, when we turn our lives over to him he checks us out of that flea-bitten motel room and checks us into a 5 star hotel. So why then do we insist on returning to the cheap motel room? It could be because we feel comfortable there, or all our stuff is still there. Jesus asks us to leave that all behind. He promised life and life abundantly, we need to stop clinging on to the things from our past that kept us from him. This doesn’t mean we have to change our personalities to follow Christ, our uniqueness is a trait of God. But we need to leave behind all the things and traits that cause us to sin. To use an old cliché, we need to Let Go and Let God. Let go of the things that work to hold us back from our new life in Christ, and let God show us how to live life in freedom. You won’t be disappointed with your choice.
As you read this today I am asking you, are you living life anew and fresh in Christ? Or are you trying to incorporate your old life, walking through the same snake pit you were before accepting his grace? Maybe you haven’t accepted his grace yet but have heard all about it and want to. This could be your first time hearing that Jesus loves you and wants to connect with you. Whatever the case I pray that you will see God for who he is and that he loves you. The creator of the world loves you and completed a plan to free you from sin.
Father, I pray today that those reading this will step out of sin and live lives aimed at walking with you. It isn’t easy and we all make mistakes, but we choose to follow you. Thank you for your grace and how it has freed those who accept it. Move among your people to share this grace with others by telling them about you and inviting them to church. For those reading this who have not yet experienced your love, I pray that even today they will experience you for who you are. Use me today. Amen

1: 50 Days Freed

What does it truly mean to be freed? Many will read that and think free from oppression and/or prison. Some may have recently watched a movie dealing with being sexual freed or freed from a person who has been controlling them. Freedom in this physical world comes in many forms. But what does it mean to be freed in Christ? The bible has many stories and life lessons about freedom. Over the next 50 days or so we will be looking into what it means to be freed in Christ.


For he who was called in the Lord as a bondservant is a freedman of the Lord. Likewise he who was free when called is a bondservant of Christ.  1 Corinthians 7:22


Here in a letter to the church in the city of Corinth, we see Paul writing about being freed. This is one of those verse in the bible that when read can be quite confusing. I mean look at it, we who accept Christ are now free, yet those who were free who accept Christ are now servants of Christ? How is that relevant. Isn’t that trading one form of slavery for another?


The slavery to sin that we are under before we have accepted Jesus is not an easy life. Not every person who is a slave is beaten down. Some are not even aware of their bondage. Many have come to just accept it or even embrace their chains. There are those who grew up in the church, once accepted Jesus gift and left willingly putting the chains of bondage, thinking that it was freeing themselves. But there is a vast difference in what the bondage of sin offers you and what the freedom in Christ gives. Becoming a bondservant of Christ does not mean trading one boss for another. Your sinful master is ready and willing to heap more pain, suffering and burdens on you to keep you from finding freedom.  Jesus said let me take your burdens and trade them in for something better.


To be a bondservant of Christ is to freely go into service. He doesn’t want a conscripted group of followers, that’s why following Jesus has to be an individual choice. Something that changes in your heart and pushes you to walk out of the slavery you are in into the arms of a Savior, your family redeemer who already paid your debt that had you in slavery to begin with. Many find this freedom and quickly realize that the servanthood Christ asks for is not always easy but you quickly realize that you are not alone. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to give you strength and wisdom to accomplish the tasks assigned. In Christ you are stronger than before and able to accomplish amazing things.


Today as we begin to walk this path to a freed life in Christ, I pray that you will share these messages to those around you. Either by sharing this blog or via word of mouth. We as freed people can make a difference in this world, showing others how to break the bondage of sin. Free people can free people has been a quote that has been in the front of my Bible for many years, not because it is a catch quote but because it is so true. We can no longer keep this freedom to ourselves, there is a world out there that needs to be freed and we need to be active in sharing the love of Jesus.


Father, I ask that today you motivate those who call themselves your servants to rise up in your freedom. Unite them in the mission of reaching the lost to their families, neighbours, coworkers, and friends. Let not an opportunity pass them by, give them words of wisdom to know what is needing to be said in those moments. The freedom we have in Jesus is not meant to be kept to ourselves and we ask for forgiveness if we have been selfish and keeping it to ourselves. No more. We need to be men and woman of action spreading your love.  It is time for us to stand up to our calling to tell others how to be freed. Amen



Has God freed you from anything? I would love to hear your story or comment on how God has Freed you. Or maybe you need some prayer. I would love to pray for you, that  God would provide the freedom that you need.


Picture from John the Baptist Artworks