6: 50 Days Freed

There are some who have taken the freeing power of Jesus and created a system where they use their freedom as an excuse to sin. Why shouldn’t I have the freedom to do whatever I want, I am forgiven for it. This mentality may work for a moment but to create a life and routine reveals the heart of the man. One can only dance around in the snake pit so long before they are bitten.
What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Romans 6: 1-2
The grace extended to us on the cross was sufficient to cover all our sins past, present and future. But it was never meant to become an excuse to sin. The power of sin was defeated but sin will not be completely destroyed until the day the enemy is thrown into the pit of fire and the new heaven and new earth are put in place. As Paul writes to the Romans we don’t need to dabble in sin to prove the grace of God. He displayed that already for us on the cross and when we accepted his forgiveness.
When we accept Jesus as our savior and redeemer his grace removes the sin that we give him to remove. We accept his grace but there are times where we hold on to sin and tuck it away trying to hide it from him. Those secrets that “he doesn’t need to know about” are not really hidden from him. If we don’t give them to him it becomes like a cavity, it may not bother us right away but one day if not treated will become an unbearable pain we will have to deal with, it will be exposed. If we do not deal with it then the temptation to live in sin will be increased.
Before we accepted Jesus we were living in a cheap motel room, when we turn our lives over to him he checks us out of that flea-bitten motel room and checks us into a 5 star hotel. So why then do we insist on returning to the cheap motel room? It could be because we feel comfortable there, or all our stuff is still there. Jesus asks us to leave that all behind. He promised life and life abundantly, we need to stop clinging on to the things from our past that kept us from him. This doesn’t mean we have to change our personalities to follow Christ, our uniqueness is a trait of God. But we need to leave behind all the things and traits that cause us to sin. To use an old cliché, we need to Let Go and Let God. Let go of the things that work to hold us back from our new life in Christ, and let God show us how to live life in freedom. You won’t be disappointed with your choice.
As you read this today I am asking you, are you living life anew and fresh in Christ? Or are you trying to incorporate your old life, walking through the same snake pit you were before accepting his grace? Maybe you haven’t accepted his grace yet but have heard all about it and want to. This could be your first time hearing that Jesus loves you and wants to connect with you. Whatever the case I pray that you will see God for who he is and that he loves you. The creator of the world loves you and completed a plan to free you from sin.
Father, I pray today that those reading this will step out of sin and live lives aimed at walking with you. It isn’t easy and we all make mistakes, but we choose to follow you. Thank you for your grace and how it has freed those who accept it. Move among your people to share this grace with others by telling them about you and inviting them to church. For those reading this who have not yet experienced your love, I pray that even today they will experience you for who you are. Use me today. Amen

1: 50 Days Freed

What does it truly mean to be freed? Many will read that and think free from oppression and/or prison. Some may have recently watched a movie dealing with being sexual freed or freed from a person who has been controlling them. Freedom in this physical world comes in many forms. But what does it mean to be freed in Christ? The bible has many stories and life lessons about freedom. Over the next 50 days or so we will be looking into what it means to be freed in Christ.


For he who was called in the Lord as a bondservant is a freedman of the Lord. Likewise he who was free when called is a bondservant of Christ.  1 Corinthians 7:22


Here in a letter to the church in the city of Corinth, we see Paul writing about being freed. This is one of those verse in the bible that when read can be quite confusing. I mean look at it, we who accept Christ are now free, yet those who were free who accept Christ are now servants of Christ? How is that relevant. Isn’t that trading one form of slavery for another?


The slavery to sin that we are under before we have accepted Jesus is not an easy life. Not every person who is a slave is beaten down. Some are not even aware of their bondage. Many have come to just accept it or even embrace their chains. There are those who grew up in the church, once accepted Jesus gift and left willingly putting the chains of bondage, thinking that it was freeing themselves. But there is a vast difference in what the bondage of sin offers you and what the freedom in Christ gives. Becoming a bondservant of Christ does not mean trading one boss for another. Your sinful master is ready and willing to heap more pain, suffering and burdens on you to keep you from finding freedom.  Jesus said let me take your burdens and trade them in for something better.


To be a bondservant of Christ is to freely go into service. He doesn’t want a conscripted group of followers, that’s why following Jesus has to be an individual choice. Something that changes in your heart and pushes you to walk out of the slavery you are in into the arms of a Savior, your family redeemer who already paid your debt that had you in slavery to begin with. Many find this freedom and quickly realize that the servanthood Christ asks for is not always easy but you quickly realize that you are not alone. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to give you strength and wisdom to accomplish the tasks assigned. In Christ you are stronger than before and able to accomplish amazing things.


Today as we begin to walk this path to a freed life in Christ, I pray that you will share these messages to those around you. Either by sharing this blog or via word of mouth. We as freed people can make a difference in this world, showing others how to break the bondage of sin. Free people can free people has been a quote that has been in the front of my Bible for many years, not because it is a catch quote but because it is so true. We can no longer keep this freedom to ourselves, there is a world out there that needs to be freed and we need to be active in sharing the love of Jesus.


Father, I ask that today you motivate those who call themselves your servants to rise up in your freedom. Unite them in the mission of reaching the lost to their families, neighbours, coworkers, and friends. Let not an opportunity pass them by, give them words of wisdom to know what is needing to be said in those moments. The freedom we have in Jesus is not meant to be kept to ourselves and we ask for forgiveness if we have been selfish and keeping it to ourselves. No more. We need to be men and woman of action spreading your love.  It is time for us to stand up to our calling to tell others how to be freed. Amen



Has God freed you from anything? I would love to hear your story or comment on how God has Freed you. Or maybe you need some prayer. I would love to pray for you, that  God would provide the freedom that you need.


Picture from John the Baptist Artworks

Day 50: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Colombia

We pray today for the believers in Colombia. Here in this nation we, see a small minority of people hold all the power and are holding the people captive with fear. Just a Jesus had taught a little yeast spreads through the entire dough, we pray that this fear will be removed, for greater is he that is in the believers of Colombia, then those who oppose them.


Of the population of 48.3 million, there are about 44.6 million believers. For more information check out Open Doors USA.





Father, we pray for Colombia. We pray for an overwhelming confidence in their faith. A desire to stand up for what is right no matter the consequences. We ask for strength to overcome the threats that aim to destroy families if they don’t conform to the rules of the rebels and cartels. Provide each believe the discipline to grow as believers and share their love with those around them. Move mightily in Colombia and change South America and the world through their faithfulness. Amen

Day 36: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Algeria

We pray today for the believers in Algeria. Those who convert to Christianity will expect to be put on house arrest and face domestic abuse to convince them they were wrong in their choice.


Of the population of 41 million, there are an estimated 38,000 believers. For more information check out Open Doors USA.


Father, we pray for Algeria. We see a country hurting and in need of a touch from you. The youth desperately need to see you for who you are and become bold in their faith. We pray for this boldness in all believers in Algeria. This 1 % of the population can grow into a mightily army of heart changers, give them strength and conviction to reach their family’s, friends, coworkers and officials.  Work miracles in Algeria, grow your church one person at a time. Let the world see your power in what you are doing in Algeria. Amen



Day 33: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Tanzania

As I try to get today’s prayer going for Tanzania, my computer is not responding the way I want it to, Word keeps freezing up on me.This could all be coincidental or it could be the enemy wants me to stop praying and not get this one out. But today nonetheless we are going to pray for Tanzania.
They estimate that there are 32 million believers in this country of 59 million people. But in spite of the large numbers, extremists have become increasingly attacking believer. They have been enforcing their own laws and pushing for the government to pass them into standing laws.
Father, we pray for the nation of Tanzania, we hear their cries and join with them. Strengthen the believers to stand up for their faith and share your love no matter the cost. Help us provide them with the Word and support from where we are. In the areas where radicalism haunts the believers, we pray for some relief and freedom from this oppression. God, we want to see a might move from this African country like has never been seen before. Show your love from here to the whole continent. Amen

Day 30: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Bhutan

Today we pray for Bhutan, those who do not subscribe to the nations national religion are subject to the anti-conversion laws, and some are even being neglected clean drinking water because of their choice to follow Christ.
For more information, Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate just under 20,000 Christians in the population of 793,000 people.
Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.
Father, we pray Bhutan. Lord, we pray that this small country hidden between India and China will flourish. Spread your love throughout her borders reaching all man and woman who reside there. Let you amazing power be seen here. Give your people boldness to share their faith in spite of persecution. We ask for a move of the Holy Spirit like never seen before in Bhutan. Overflow from this nation into her neighbours, let Christ love grow from here like a mustard seed. Bless your people in Bhutan for their faithfulness. Amen

Day 28: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Myanmar

Today we pray for Myanmar. Attacks against ethnic minorities and religions are prevalent in this nation. Restrictive laws have worked against freedom of religion.
For more information, Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate just under 4.4 million Christians in the population of 5.5 million people.
Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.
Father, we pray Myanmar. We pray for a breakthrough within the people of Myanmar. Give strength to the believers to overcome the fears they may have to share their faith. Soften the hearts of those who are oppressing minorities and let your love envelop their lives. Work miracles in Myanmar. Amen