21: 50 Days of 3:16

We live in a right now society. If we want it we can get it right away, no matter what. Fast food, fast money, fast sex. Everything is at our finger tips. Information is only a click away and whatever the desire of our hearts are we can find. But have we as believers in Christ started to expect this from our God?


After seven days the Lord gave me a message. He said,


Ezekiel 3:16


For whatever reason God doesn’t always work in the instant moment. If He did we may confuse him with a genie who gives us ever desire at our whim and request. But God is not there as a tool for us to use when we need something. God knows our innermost thoughts and desires and has a plan for us, not the other way around. If we think otherwise about God then we have created another god who is whatever we need him to be in each moment. Like a good parent would not provide their child with every whim that they asked for they are patient and know what is best. God is often referred to as our Father and Jesus Himself told us that God will take care of us knowing our needs and desires.

Here in Ezekiel as in many other places we see that waiting on God and preparing our hearts pave the way for God to speak to us. It is not always instant, as we see here it took seven days, Jesus waited three days before going to see Lazarus even when the family was pleading for him to come heal him. Daniel talks about an angel telling him that when his prayer was asked he was dispatched but for many days he was opposed by the enemy but made it to him. They never gave up on God when He didn’t answer right away, they kept pressing in knowing that He would answer their cry.

Maybe today you have been asking God for something. Healing, financial, family, unsaved family and friends, many other things and are wondering if God is even listening. I want to remind you that He hears every cry and is listening. He knows when the best time to answer you is, we cannot see the big picture like He can. Do not give up on God, He has not given up on you.


Father, sometimes it is hard for us to keep praying for the same situation over and over and not feel like we are getting through. Give us strength to keep praying and never giving into hopelessness. I pray even today that many of the prayers of the readers of this are answered. Let them see that you are in control and do answer prayers. Watch over you people and bless their faithfulness in continuing to draw closer to you. Use us to use these answers to prayers as mission tools to reach the lost. Let our lives be a light to this world. Amen.