Day 24: 50 Days of Change

“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.”‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:3‬ ‭NLT

There are theories on how the universe was created, there are many folk lore histories,they all take faith to believe. The Big Bang theory has probably the most traction yet no one has of yet been able to tell us how nothing became something with out any help. And to complicate it further nothing became a complex ecosystem caplible of sustaining live, weather patterns, birth and death. Beings roam the earth that cannot be explained, DNA is so emense that we are still working to map it all, each person has a unique finger print. Yet this all came from nothing, no help, just randomness. 

By faith we believe that God is behind the creation. Now if he did it in six literal days, of he worked on it for millions of years, that part doesn’t really matter. If that part shakes you faith then your god is to small. God is complex and beyond our imaginations. If you ever get to spend eternity with him ask him, I am sure you won’t be the only one asking him to tell the story of creation.  

There will be many who will use this to create a wall between themselves and faith. They will use scientific reason to justify why we are randomly created. You can try to debate them, most times they are hardened in their ways, the fool says in his heart their is no God, which is crazy when the earthly evidence does nothing more then point to a creator God. 

Is you Christianity hinged on a six day creation? Will it all come undone if God did it any other way? Or does the story of creation matter because it reveals the love of a God who created this world for us to inhabit, so that he can have a relationship with us? No matter what creation theory they come up with it wil always have to come back to an intelligent designer. There is no other plausible explanation. 

Jesus, we know you were there during creation, as part of the triune God, you had a Hugh part to play. Thank you for love in God us and giving us this world. As believers it is hard for us to get past how you did it, but in the end it only matters that you did. Let us not get hung up in this. We want to reach others with the message of your salvation and the fact the God the father desires a relationship with us. Holy Spirit give us wisdom and opportunities to share this love, let us not avoid there moments as to alleviate our own discomfort. They matter to you so the matter to us. Amen