Day 3: 50 Days of Passion

Yesterday we talked about our Christian walk being like a marathon. One of the things that keep us going are our feet. As I was out for a run I was thinking about how easily our feet can fail us when we are trying to move. Ironically the song Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now, by NeedtoBreathe came on. In it they sing “I pray my feet don’t ever slow me down”. I have always thought Jesus had talked to his disciples about this during the last supper.


He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13 6-7


If you take the time to read the whole exchange Peter goes on to say, “hey if your going to wash my feet why not my whole body.” Jesus understood that as we walk through life or run our feet collect dirt (sin), it happens. I believe what Jesus was telling Peter, his other followers, and even us today is that we must daily clean our feet.  A symbolic means of saying “I know I have sinned along the way but cleanse me and help me to continue running forward in the race.” Our bodies where already cleaned when we accepted Jesus gift of salvation. Unless we seriously trip and fall in a mud puddle, we only need to worry about our feet.

All to often we neglect this daily cleaning. Some have come to believe one and done. I have accepted Christ once and all my sins are cleansed and I can now do whatever I want and it is forgiven. Many have figure that this isn’t what Christianity is about. We don’t lose our salvation when we sin, we can all agree on that, but sin slows us down it hinders who we want to be.

We need to clean it off, before it becomes overpowering. How many influential Christians have fallen because sin has crept into their lives? They didn’t jump into sin, most just started getting their feet dirty, left it and eventfully it crept up their legs slowing them way down like mud caked on boots.

So where is your passion for sharing the faith? Passion for loving the loveless? Passion for the lost? Passion for the church? Passion for Jesus?

Maybe it is time to humble yourself and ask Jesus to wash off your feet which have become filthy. Daily ask him to wash your feet, this is humbling but also is an awesome time to grow your relationship with Him. Asking him to renew your passion for the mission and the calling he has for you. There is no dirt to caked on that Jesus can’t remove. He can make refresh your life and ignite your passion.


Father, many of us are running the race with our feet full of dirt. This causes us to stumble and eventually fall. You said you would wash our feet, wash me feet Jesus. I want to be running in your strength, towards the mission you have given us to reach and disciple the lost. Ignite my passion for you, ignite my passion for the lost, ignite my passion for the church, let my life be an example of your love in this race. I want to love others as you love them. Amen


Day 4: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts on Day 4,

So of course when I wrote this it was winter, so posting about snow blowing seems odd, but that’s okay.  My inspirations come directly from my experiences and I believe the Holy Spirit, I trust that whoever reads this will need to pull something out and apply it to their lives, or may need to share it with others. God Bless.

Feb 16, 2015

Today as I was snow blowing I was thinking about house cleaners. Why in the world would I be thinking of House cleaners? I don’t really know any, I haven’t worked as one, so why is this in my head? Here are the four types I was thinking of regarding people house cleaners may meet on the job.
1) The perfectionist – The person who ensures their house is all clean and in order before the house cleaner arrives. I am sure you have all met one of these. How could some stranger come into my house and see such a mess?
2) The Slob – Well the house cleaner is coming so I will just destroy the place before they arrive and I let them in.
3) The Hider – Invites the house cleaner in but insists that “that room” is off limits and cannot be touched.
4) The critique – Does Not leave the house cleaner be and is constantly in their face making sure that the job is done to their specifications and don’t make a mistake of they will jump all over you.
So here is what I am thinking. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:11 you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
Jesus is our “House Cleaner”. He wants to come in and clean our Spiritual Houses. We fill our lives with such dirt and sometimes we forget that Christ is here willing and able to free us of the dirt in out lives. Are you the perfectionist who only asks Jesus for help when you have tried to fix it all yourself first? Are you the slob who keeps messing up your life and forgets that Jesus wants to clean your life daily? Maybe the hider who has invited Jesus into your life but want to keep that section of your life locked up, He wouldn’t want to clean that room, it’s off limits? Or the Critique, never accepting the work that is being done because it wouldn’t be the way you would do it?
Jesus accepts you for who you are. He wants your life as is how is. He will clean it up with the Holy Spirit. Let Him do what He does best. This can be applied to your marriage as well.
Trust that the House Cleaner knows what He is doing.

Dear Jesus, Please take my life and show me what dirt you may see, please cleanse me of the dirt and make me clean. If I have locked something away from you I now give you the key. Clean everywhere. As much as I want to fix things on my own I know I cannot. Daily clean me of my sins and help me to walk in your ways. Let me be a light to the world around me, show me how to love the world as you do. The people in this world matter to you so they matter to me. Amen