Day 10: 50 Days of Change

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have—Jesus Christ. Anyone who builds on that foundation may use a variety of materials—gold, silver, jewels, wood, hay, or straw.”‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭3:11-12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Anyone who has called on the name of Jesus has set themselves with him on his foundation. He set his foundation in unbreakable stone on the weekend he died and rose again. Jesus is the cornerstone, the first and most important part of any structure. What we do with his foundation and how we live our lives will surely display our relationship with him. 

Just like the old story of the three pigs building their homes. For the sake of the illustration all three have accept Jesus as their saviour. They all have been given a firm foundation to build their houses on. The first one takes straw and hay to build his house, flimsy material that doesn’t take much effort to make. Second, must at least gather the wood to build, taking the time to assemble it as not all wood is created equal, but these wouldn’t be refined wood we use, no sticks, unshaply logs and branches. Finally number three takes the time and effort to create bricks from clay. Carefully creating a house worthy of the foundation he has been give. When trouble arrived, and we all know it does come, the first two houses of straw and wood both didn’t last long, yet the house of brick survived and thrived.

So the house of straw could represent those who have accepted Jesus as their saviour yet have put little to no effort into shaping or creating a relationship with him. I think that these high evangelistic crusades that have hundreds if not thousands of people accepting Christ may be responsible for producing a lot of Christians with straw houses. No fault to the them or the organizers, it is not easy to connect with that many people. These folks just don’t know any better and work with what they know. 

The wood builders are those who attend Sunday’s regularly, making sure they are seen, bible studies and such. Yet they don’t go deeper or push to create a house that is more then sticks. Their life outside of church is the same as the worlds. They are easily blown around by their circumstances, calling on God when needed when the walls are falling in on them. 

But those who build their homes or lives with bricks, gold, silver, they are striving to have relationship with the saviour. They may still have a wall of two of wood but they are working to build it all up. They are doing this through their pray life, bible reading and fulfillment of the mission. When people see them they see that there is something different going on. 

If you continue reading 1 Corinthians a few more verses you will see that even if you are in a straw, or wood house and on the foundation of Christ Jesus your not forsaken. It does say that whatever is on your foundation will be tested in fire. What ever burns will become ash and blown away in the wind, what remains will be a testimony of your life. So what will remain for you?

Jesus, i pray that today we will examine our hearts and evaluate what we have built on your foundation. It sis not to late to work at upgrading our spiritual homes. Show us how to do this. Holy Spirit guide us in how to become solid in our faith and give us opertunities to reach others. We love you and want to be effective in the mission. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen