Day 40: 50 Days of Passion

To believe that the chair you are sitting on will hold you up is a act of faith. You have faith in the one who made the chair that they were competent in their word working skills. You have faith that depending on how old the chair is that it isn’t broken and defective ready to fall out from underneath you. If you didn’t you most likely would have chosen a different seat. We would live a quite a life if we questioned the validity of everything we did even the daily activities. No we quickly learn that we must have faith in things that they will work as expected. So why then can’t we have faith that the promises God has given us can and will be done? Why are we not seeing miracles as frequently as Jesus or the Apostles did? Or when we do see a miracle do we pass it off as coincidence.



“The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!””

Mark 9:24 NLT


This father had brought his son to Jesus to be freed from demonic possession. Likely he had tried everything possible to get some help and his faith in his son ever getting better was at an all time low. Then this man Jesus was in his village, stories were going around that he was doing incredible things.


But the track record of other men’s failure in freeing his son had the man down trodden and discouraged. He believed Jesus could do what he claimed yet deep in his heart he doubted that anything really would change.


A lot of people in life today are just like this man. We want the miracle and the amazing to happen, yet we can’t push past that deep feeling that if it doesn’t happen well it was worth the shot.


Jesus wants us to fully put our faith in him, he promised if we have faith the size of a small seed we can move mountains. Do you really believe that? What mountain is in your way that you need moved? Do you really believe that Jesus can move it for you? Help our unbelief.


If you are having a hard time putting your faith in Jesus in the big things let me ask you this: Have you put your faith in him for the small things? Or are you doing them in your own strength. I believe that if we start giving Jesus everything and if needed, start with the small things then when it comes time that we need faith in the big things the foundation is there. We have prepared ourselves.


Dear Jesus, we trust and follow you, yet our unbelief in miracles and wonders happening needs to be worked on. We believe that you have amazing things in store for us to reach the lost and I pray that your people will fall to their knees and believing you will do them. Help us on our unbelief. Help us to trust you in the small things and the big things. Amen