Day 6: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church : Syria

Today we pray for Syria. Civil war has been the undertones of this country for years ISIS fighting the government. Many have fled as seen in the news over the past many years, but many Christians are staying believing they need to share Gods love to the people.

For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate just under 800,000 Christians in the population of just under 19 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Syria, the country has for years been in constant conflict with an enemy who is wants Syria to conform to its ways. We pray Father that you watch over the citizens of Syria. Give them protection from these attacks and opportunities to grow. We pray that you provide wisdom to their President as he makes daily decisions that affect the people. Protect those who have fled in hopes of safety elsewhere. May they meet Jesus on their journey. For those believers who have stayed behind give them a renewed passion for reaching the lost. Amen



Day 42: 50 Days of Passion


I am a big fan of the underdog team movies. Most are just lazy and have no chance of winning because their motivation and passion isn’t there. The desire is there but the way to go from desire to being winners is unknown to them. Someone comes in and starts a spark within the team that quickly ignites the passion of the rest of the team to become winners. We can sit in church and expect someone else to be the one to come with the passion or we can work to become that person. God isn’t calling us to warm the seats, we are to be passionate about the faith, reaching others, building each other up.


“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.”

Romans 12:11 NLT


How would you describe yourself as a Christian? A hard worker, a good worker, or just plain lazy? I am sure none of us would ever label ourselves as being lazy. We think to much of ourselves for that. We don’t think of lazy as taking time to unwind and relax, lazy is more using excuses not to do things. Things in life just need to get done and if we continually make excuse why we can’t participate we may be teetering on the edge of laziness.


It is very easy to label others as lazy. It is not fair for us to do so as in most cases we do not see ever aspect of a person’s life. We can only work on our own laziness and encourage those around us to join us in our activity.


One of the easiest ways for a believer to become active is to participate in your church. There are a multitude of ways you can be involved that you don’t even realize. Most people think about being involved as ushers, singers/players and kids/youth workers. But this limited thinking causes many to back away and not get involved. Church’s have much more going on. Participation in small groups, pray ministry, outreach, home visits, and many others are available to those who want to rise up out of their apathy.


If you want to see your life flourish, your passion ignited, you faith and relationship with Jesus grow stronger, participate in what the family of believers are doing. Word hard and with enthusiasm and see what God will reveal in your life.


Jesus, let us be a hard-working family of believers. Remove any laziness and give us a desire to work hard to reach others for you. Lay a passion in each believer’s heart to work diligently for you. Bless them for their faithfulness. I pray the each one reading this will be given an opportunity to tell someone about you, a chance to invite someone to church. Thank you, Jesus, for daily reminding me that the people who have not yet accepted you are still loved and matter to you. Keep reminding me and place in my heart that they need to be loved and need to matter to me. Amen



Day 5: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Sudan

Todays we pray for Sudan. Sudan has been in the top 20 persecuted countries for the last 24 years. Another Islamic state, Sudan has been known for its ethnic cleansing of the population.

For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate just under 2 million Christians in the population of 42 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Sudan. We pray for the families that remain behind to suffer after their loved ones are senselessly killed. We pray that your love will wash over Sudan. God, we ask that you will open the eyes of the leadership and President of Sudan. Let there be a shift in thoughts and faith. Open their eyes like Saul’s to the glory and majesty of who you are and what Jesus has done. Strengthen those who willingly share your love among the people. Give missionaries protection as they work in secret in the country, let the harvest be plentiful. Amen


Day 41: 50 Days of Passion

There are some believers who have made a stand against the church and decided that they can go it alone. These are what could be called commando Christians. They feel the church is broken and can’t function properly because of the people there. What they are forgetting is that the church is designed for broken people. It is a place where we can build each other up, and disciple one another in the Gospel. It has been said that no man is an Island. Passion is stirred up with other people, we are motivated by other people.


“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

Hebrews 10:25 NLT


The meeting with other Christians at a church setting is not something man made up. Jesus himself told his disciples to meet the upper room and wait for the Holy Spirit to meet them. The church or temple was instituted by God to the Israelite’s back with King David and finished with King Solomon, and even Moses had the people build a tabernacle as God described for him. The buildings themselves were not holy in any sense. It was who dwelt or is worshipped there that made the building or place important.


We as believers need to fellowship of other believers to strengthen us. Like a fire if a coal is taken out it won’t be long before that coal goes cold, and forgets what it is like to be ablaze in the fire. I am sure that if you take a moment to think back to someone who once walked with Jesus but now isn’t, you can pinpoint when they started missing church and their faith started to dwindle. They left the fire, their passion for Christ dwindled as they stop meeting with others who love him. If we could only bring them back to the fire it may rekindle the coal and bring them back to the saviour.


We can work to encourage these lost brothers and sisters to return. We need to do this in love as the enemy has quickly created a web of lies about the church in the wayward one’s heart. Excuses of hurts and unforgiveness that only Jesus can heal and restore. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a Saviour who loves to restore the broken, hurting and lost? Let’s work today and everyday to encourage, invite and tell others about Jesus.


Jesus, we pray for our brothers and sisters who have left the church and grown cold. They have been hurt or lied to and they won’t step foot in the church and have walked away for you as well. We pray that we can meet them, love them and help them work towards a restored relationship with you and your church. Let them understand that people have hurt them not you. Holy Spirit work in their hearts to restore the love that was once their, a passion for Jesus. They matter to you, so they matter to me. Amen



Day 4: 50 Days of Pray for the Persecuted Church : Pakistan

Todays persecuted country is Pakistan. Pakistan is ripe with crime and corruption, they are a Islamic nation. Protestant churches are available but are under close scrutiny and would most certainty be on high alert at all times.


For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate just under 4 million Christians in the population of 198 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Pakistan. We ask that you will guide their new leader Prime minister Sharif as he leads the country, we pray for wisdom and guidance. We pray that he will receive Jesus as his savior and will lead this country into a new era. We read 4 million believes but in the scope of just under 200 million it is such a small number, 2 of every 100 people know you. I pray for those believers that they will make an impact on their families, coworkers, neighbors and anyone they come in contact with. Amen


Day 40: 50 Days of Passion

To believe that the chair you are sitting on will hold you up is a act of faith. You have faith in the one who made the chair that they were competent in their word working skills. You have faith that depending on how old the chair is that it isn’t broken and defective ready to fall out from underneath you. If you didn’t you most likely would have chosen a different seat. We would live a quite a life if we questioned the validity of everything we did even the daily activities. No we quickly learn that we must have faith in things that they will work as expected. So why then can’t we have faith that the promises God has given us can and will be done? Why are we not seeing miracles as frequently as Jesus or the Apostles did? Or when we do see a miracle do we pass it off as coincidence.



“The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!””

Mark 9:24 NLT


This father had brought his son to Jesus to be freed from demonic possession. Likely he had tried everything possible to get some help and his faith in his son ever getting better was at an all time low. Then this man Jesus was in his village, stories were going around that he was doing incredible things.


But the track record of other men’s failure in freeing his son had the man down trodden and discouraged. He believed Jesus could do what he claimed yet deep in his heart he doubted that anything really would change.


A lot of people in life today are just like this man. We want the miracle and the amazing to happen, yet we can’t push past that deep feeling that if it doesn’t happen well it was worth the shot.


Jesus wants us to fully put our faith in him, he promised if we have faith the size of a small seed we can move mountains. Do you really believe that? What mountain is in your way that you need moved? Do you really believe that Jesus can move it for you? Help our unbelief.


If you are having a hard time putting your faith in Jesus in the big things let me ask you this: Have you put your faith in him for the small things? Or are you doing them in your own strength. I believe that if we start giving Jesus everything and if needed, start with the small things then when it comes time that we need faith in the big things the foundation is there. We have prepared ourselves.


Dear Jesus, we trust and follow you, yet our unbelief in miracles and wonders happening needs to be worked on. We believe that you have amazing things in store for us to reach the lost and I pray that your people will fall to their knees and believing you will do them. Help us on our unbelief. Help us to trust you in the small things and the big things. Amen


Day 3: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Afghanistan

Todays we pray for Afghanistan. This is another country that is firm in its Islamic beliefs. New believers will expect to be either turned into mental hospitals or executed as it makes no sense to the people why anyone would want to leave Islam.


For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate a few thousand Christians in the population of 34 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Afghanistan. This middle eastern country has long been opposed to your move, we pray for a mighty move of your love. Just as you used a few men with Gideon to conquer a nation we pray that the few thousand believers inside Afghanistan will rise us and be used by you. Let their love for you and passion be so infectious that we will hear reports of hundreds if not thousands of the Afghan people turning to you. We pray for the leaders, we ask that they make wise choices and that they will come to know you. We pray protection and strength for those who are following you. Amen