40: 50 Days of 3:16

Turmoil rages in the lives of the believer and unbeliever alike. We tend to focus on the turmoil and work to achieve some relief by any means necessary. Many times, we tend to treat the symptoms of the problem with our dealing with the root cause. In most cases, the solution to our needs is a peace that can only come from God himself. This reminder from Paul could be the answer to many of our troubles. A reminder that God gives peace.

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

2 Thessalonians 3:16


Many cultures do not use the term ‘goodbye’. They just don’t have a need for the word. They have come to understand that in life or even death that it is not the end and the hope is that one day they will see their loved ones again. Goodbye is an indication that you may never see the person again, how many times have you heard someone use the phrase when they have lost someone close ‘I never got a chance to say goodbye’? This saddens me as I feel there is a hope of reunion for those who are part of the family of God. But for those who reject or ignore the call of God in their lives, it is final, there is no such reunion. The enemy has deceived the world into believe that a party awaits those who reject God and that heaven is a lame place to be. You see this in many depictions of the afterlife. This could be further from the truth but how can so many people be deceived?


It boils down to is that those who tend to believe in nothing will believe in anything. They chase after whatever it is that fills the void and gives them a warm and tingly feeling, yet it never lasts, and they have to go on to another and another.  Each time their resistance to the Gospel of Jesus grows harder feeling that even Jesus cannot have the cure to what haunts them. So instead of going to the source of truth, they continue living in sin using poison after poison looking for peace that is unattainable outside of God’s love. They sacrifice their children to other god’s and wonder why our God does ‘bad things to good people’. They live their lives immorally and in sexual perversion and then ask God’s people not to judge them in their sin. Yet if a murderer was to ask for the same he would be not given the same. The world lives in a constant double standard if not multiple standards.


We need the peace of God in our lives. We need to share this peace with the world around us. They need to hear us as believer sharing our faith no matter the opposition and persecution it may bring. As believers if we truly believe that death isn’t the end for those who are in Christ why are we satisfied that it is the end for those who have not accepted him? Our hearts should be broken for those dying in their sin. We can no longer sit on the peace given to us, it is not for us to hoard but to share. I share with you the same words that Paul shared with the church as we go into our day today. Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.


Father, help us as believers to share this peace that you offer to those around us Let us not be content to sit in our faith and with for the end. We are called for so much more. You have called us to be witnesses to the ends of the earth which includes our neighbours, family and coworkers. Not one of us can say that we have no one we can talk to about Jesus, you give us moments daily. Give us the strength, wisdom and boldness to actually do it. We pray that when we take this step of faith it will empower us in a way that we have never experienced and encourage us to keep going. Even if it feels like we have not gotten through to that person we were talking to I pray Jesus that we plant a seed that will one day bud and grow. Use us, help us to share the peace that only you provide. Let us show the world that there are no Goodbyes for believers only see you soon. Amen.


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