24: 50 Days of 3:16

Go find a map of the world and search for Nineveh. You won’t find it, the city of Nineveh was destroyed for their wicked ways long ago. I remember as a teenager in drama doing a production called Kismet. One of the main songs was Not Since Nineveh. We see the world glorifying a city that was so sinful and vile that they do not even exist anymore.

You have increased the number of your merchants
until they are more numerous than the stars in the sky,
but like locusts, they strip the land
and then fly away.

Nahum 3:16

We see this nation of Nineveh being copied in the world today. Many nations are walking a path towards destruction. Here in today’s verse, we read that Nineveh was about taking, the merchants were stripping the lands for their own profit. A good merchant gives and takes to the benefit of others as well as themselves. But here we see that they were consumed with taking what they wanted striping the nations of fair trade. As individuals, if we are a people who only take from our friends and the people we meet we become like these merchants. We are called to give more than we take, this is the relationship we are called to have with one another. To serve one another as brother and sisters in Christ.

How do we respond to things that are happening in your own nation that would be considered evil? When you hear of something that makes your blood boil just a little, an offence against children, refugees, laws or court rulings that favour others giving no regard to those who follow Christ. What can we do? One thing we shouldn’t do is respond evil with evil. Jesus himself told us the way to respond; Love. Do not be discouraged and think the love that’s emotional love but a love that empowers and propels us forward. The kind of love that teaches to turn the other cheek, the kind of love that when we go a mile carrying someone’s bag we don’t stop but carry it another. You will not win any wars by ranting on Social Media. You may, however, lose your witness with those whom you call friends when you send out posts that offend and attack. Back your points up with scripture as to serve those who oppose our values. Show them that God loves them despite the choices they are making. He values them and wants to have a relationship with them.

We are living in a troubling time all over the world. I pray that if you are reading this you are on God’s side. If not what is holding you back from choosing life? I urge you today to ask Jesus to take away your sins, admitting you cannot do it on your own and start walking in relationship with him.

Father, sometimes we thing when it cannot get any worse we just need to turn on the news and know that we were wrong. I pray for our leaders who are making these rash choices. I pray that they turn to you and start making wise Godly decisions that will bring their nations back to you. Use your believers to change the world, give them strength and wisdom to overcome their fears and start doing something. Bring revival among your people so that we can reach the lost in mass and walk in the mission we are called to.  Amen

If something in your nation is drawing you to pray, let me know, put a prayer in the comments so we can join in unison together.

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