23: 50 Days of 3:16

When the entertainment industry portrays God is some faceless entity who shines bright, long white hair and beard, don’t forget he has the white robe and sandals. He generally is mild-mannered and like your grandpa might have been like. We see this and may get the wrong image of who God really is. If we read back to Genesis 1 and 2 we get a glimpse of what God is and that is revealed in who we are. God created Mankind in His image, Psalm 8:5 even speaks of how we were made only a little lower than God. So, if we were made in the image of God we would reflect who God is. Our emotions mirror the emotions that God portrays.


The Lord’s voice will roar from Zion
and thunder from Jerusalem,
and the heavens and the earth will shake.
But the Lord will be a refuge for his people,
a strong fortress for the people of Israel.

Joel 3:16


God displays Joy, Genesis 1 talks about when he created the world he looked at it and it was good. God was saddened when Adam and Eve disobeyed him. He was angry with mankind when they did wicked things over and over again. Here in Joel is a prophecy of God displaying His mighty roar in anger over the way the nations are treating His people.


Do not be fooled. One day God will have had enough and just like when Noah was called to build a boat, God will call those who have chosen to accept Jesus home, triggering the events that will lead to the cleansing of sin from the earth. Just as Noah was spared from the destruction of the flood, those who have accepted Jesus will be spared. Those left behind must deal with the consequences of inaction. Many will have had the opportunity to receive Jesus from their experiences and had rejected him. Others will have used the excuse, I will have time, let me live my life first. Some may have never heard, others sucked into the lie of atheism. It is debated if some will have the choice to accept Christ during the seven-year tribulation, but in reading the bible it seems that many will come to know Christ and be heavily persecuted for their choice. It will be nothing like accepting Jesus now. They will be branded traitors of the state and turned in for execution, families will turn on one another in the cry of self-preservation.


There will be many earth-shaking events that Joel, Daniel and John write about in their books. Too much that I cannot go into detail in this blog. When the seven-year tribulation is over sin will be bound for a thousand years and Jesus will come an establish His kingdom on earth, sin contained and the enemy locked away. For some reason unknown to us the enemy will be released once more to cause mischief, but he will be caught and tossed into the eternity of hell, never to be heard of again. Here is the kicker, all those who never accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will join him. The is no second chance after death. No pray from the living can alter eternity. Many groups have this mantra that they can do good things or pray the right prayer to change their deceased loved one’s destiny, this just is not the case. The choice you make here and now will ultimately decide your eternal fate.


When God’s voice cries out with a roar will you see it as destruction or a cry of victory? Have you accepted the gift of salvation freely offered by the death of Jesus on the cross? He died so that you may have life in Him. He rose from the dead so that you could have a relationship with God free of sin and the bondage that disconnects. Do not wait another day, choose life, choose God.


Father, many reading this may be on the fence about faith. They may be thinking, I have another day, it can wait. But I pray right now that they don’t push this decision off another minute. They need to experience your relationship and realize that their whole life was meant for so much more. If they would only pray ‘ Jesus, I am a sinner, I have been running for so long but I am done, I give my life over to you, forgive me of my sins and make me new. From this day forward I want a relationship with you.’ At that moment they will have changed their life. I pray God, that many will take a  moment today to cry out to you. Bless them in there choice, guide them to believers who will walk alongside them so they will grow strong in their decision. Help us as believers today to share this message of life with others. Amen

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