17: 50 Days of 3:16

We expect our governments and courts to be able to judge on right and wrong. We bring the issues that we cannot deal with ourselves to them for just judgement. And for a time it may have been that way, but what is happening in today’s society the laws are being changed to suit the desires of sinful man.


 And I saw something else under the sun:

In the place of judgment—wickedness was there,
in the place of justice—wickedness was there.

Ecclesiastes 3:16


Every country is dealing with these issues. It can be a hot topic issue like gender identity or something that is being pushed with little media attention like bestiality. I just read that two years ago that in my own country people could have sex with animals, ruled okay by the supreme court. We have laws in place in the last 50 years or so that have allowed millions of children the potential to survive for the sake of convenience. Sin corrupts not just man, but it has spread to all aspects of this world.

God set up the laws well ahead of any other society. They were set for a reason, to convey right from wrong and to help identify what things, if participated in, should be punished. Many countries had used these laws as a basis to build their justice systems from, yet today they look much different then when they were created. As in the days of Noah, men did whatever they thought best in their own eyes, look what happened to them.

What can we do? As believers, we can pray for courage to stand up to these areas that are sinful. We must be willing to stand by God’s teachings of what is right and wrong. For us to blindly accept things that go against the bible is not right, and we need to love those who are trying to enforce these falsehoods upon us. It will do us no good to protest and be belligerent about it, that will only fuel the fire and prove what they already think about Christians. Wise strategic moves, revealing the truth in what we say, showing them that God loves them but that we don’t absolutely agree on actions and laws that go against God. This doesn’t mean we isolate ourselves from the world, Jesus wouldn’t have done that, he would have engaged and shown them love and compassion revealing the truth of the situation. Let us work to be like Jesus and shine the light of truth in this world.


Father, sin has infected our justice and judgement systems. We pray for the healing of these areas and that people who are confused by the law will turn to you for answers. The things that are being passed these days for laws are so contradictory to our faith, yet people are accepting them as truth. Give us boldness to confidently stand up for our faith even if it means persecution. Help us to be effective in the mission of reaching the lost as they are looking for you. Amen

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