1: 50 Days of 3:16

No other verse in the bible is so well known than John 3:16. Just flashing that number on a board will invoke the thought of the scripture to most individuals. The enemy works hard to corrupt what God has made beautiful and we see this in the way entertainment mainly the WWE (Wrestling) took this number and associated with a foul-mouthed character like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shirts, banners and homemade posters all shout out ‘Austin 3:16’ like the man has written some important quote that we must look up. Some may say that it is unintentional and nothing to do with the bible. Maybe, but one has to wonder when we see that number now how many think of this wrestler over the bible. Has entertainment reprogramed many of that generation? He even trademarked this as his own property.


When we actually look at John 3:16 and see what Jesus has done for us it brings us to a place of awe and wonder. How could God give up his own son to die for us? We believe that Jesus when He died took the devil and put him in his place. At this moment this could be where the devil got the line that he gave Stone Cold, as Jesus shifted the power back to mankind. He gave them a way out from sin that was clear and easy, a way for them to be freed from the enemy. 3:16 may be trademarked by a wrestler but the message of 3:16 points us to the King of Kings.


Over the next 50 days, we will be looking throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation at the 3:16’s it contains. I would love your input and thoughts each day as we explore them together.


Father, thank you for sending your son to make the ultimate sacrifice that we may have life and a relationship with you. Open the hearts of those who need to meet you. Give us the courage and boldness to share our faith with others. Let fear be removed and use us. Amen

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