19: 50 Days Freed

Good Friday is among us and it reminds me of a cartoon from the strip BC.
It reminds me that many of times the world focus on things that are not important when it comes to faith in God and what Jesus has done for us. They nitpick just to make an excuse to why it isn’t for them. When we focus on the debate or the words used we miss the message that is meant to be delivered.
The disciples began to ask each other which of them would ever do such a thing. Then they began to argue among themselves about who would be the greatest among them. (Luke 22:23-24 NLT)
I read this series of verses and have to wonder. Why did the topic change so quickly? It went from who’s going to betray to I’m the best. It makes me wonder if during the conversation, Judas was the one who changed the direction and focuses off what he was planning, unto something unimportant that really Jesus had already talked to them about. I may have been, or it could have been that the conversation was uncomfortable, so it was easier to just change topics. We see this when we bring up our faith with our family and friends. You may only get to interject one sentence before they work hard to steer it away from what they really need to hear.
Have you ever been set on something only to have distraction take you off course? If this has happened, it may be the enemy trying to keep you from doing the work of the Lord. The enemy is good at distracting us from the job at hand, entertaining us to the point of laziness. We need to recognize our distractions for what they are and ask the Holy Spirit to help us focus on the task at hand. If your task is Gods will, the enemy only goal is to distract you from completing that task. Satan will use every trick he has using his minions to keep you from sharing God’s love and the power of grace from those who don’t already believe.
We need to refocus ourselves on what God is calling us to do. It isn’t to sit in a pew each Sunday, meeting with the family of believers is important but it is only one aspect of our faith. The mission of believers of Christ is to share the freedom that is for the whole world. Making disciples of those who hearts are changed, not letting them flounder in their faith to walk away distracted and discouraged. We are called to love this world and we can’t do that if our hearts are distracted and our love is cold. We need to have an awakening in our churches to the mission of freeing people. It starts in each and ever believers heart. Your Pastor or elders can’t do anything to change you, they can only set the example for you to follow. Are you ready to reset and get back to the freedom you are called to in Christ? Set aside the distractions and get back on mission.
Dear Jesus, I pray today that you will help us to see through the enemy’s distractions. I ask you to give us focus on the task at hand. Many times, the distractions have lead us to a place of apathy and complacency. Awaken your church to the need in their communities, a need to be loved and told about the freedom available through Jesus. Raise up believers who are disciplining the babes in the faith to become mighty warriors unashamed to share your love. The time is now. Amen

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