17: 50 Days Freed

Cory Asbury wrote a song called Reckless Love that explains the love of God quite well. That God would work so hard to come up with a way to redeem us is well reckless, yet he choose us to redeem. Take a read of the second verse and the chorus;
When I was Your foe, still Your love fought for me
You have been so, so good to me
When I felt no worth, You paid it all for me
You have been so, so kind to me
And oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God
Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine
And I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away
Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God,
For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.
2 Corinthians 5: 14-15
Without the reckless love of God and his plan to break the hold of sin the world we live in right now would most likely be a lot worse off then it is right now. Jesus came to love the world, and he shared that over and over again while he was on earth. He told us that he would leave the 99 sheep to go find us if we wander away. He told us that he is right there waiting knocking calling us to freedom. He went to the cross knowing full well what was going to happen to him. He had the power of God, don’t think that Jesus was a puppet on a course he couldn’t change. Jesus could have stopped the journey to the cross at any moment. Yet he proved his love and compassion for this world by submitting to what needed to be done to redeem its people and bring them back to a relationship with God the creator.
In spite of everything he has done, there are many who don’t think Jesus is any more than a man who did good things. A great teacher, a prophet of old who had wise and wonderful stories on how to live, he died, and the fantastic story of his resurrection is just another story to keep the image alive. Jesus made the claim to be God. To make a claim to be God in those days was certain death. Blasphemy. So, would a great teacher make such a claim? He should have been stoned, yet the authority he spoke gave those listening, a glimpse of God. They could see that this man was unlike any other prophet in the past. His claim to be God and having a relationship with God. They saw a reckless love in Him that was unique, and they desired the same relationship. They saw he was free from sin and the pull of the world.
Do you see Jesus for his reckless love for you? Do you realize that he died for you, when he died on the cross he died for you? Catch that, your sin your life is important to him. Jesus knows us each individually. Jesus doesn’t just have a relationship with the world, but a relationship with each of us individually if we surrender to him. Make no mistake without him we are in a prison of sin that nothing we can do will ever be able to free us from it. Jesus holds the keys to the prison and is standing hands outstretched offering you the key to freedom. Will you take it? Will you experience his reckless love?
Father, thank you so much for loving us. The plan for salvation of the world is so complex in its simplicity that it is hard for the world to accept. I pray that your family of believers will be salt and light to this world sharing your reckless love. For those who only see Jesus as a good teacher, I ask that you give them a word or vision of Jesus as so much more. Use me to reach the world. Help us share your freedom from sin every day. Amen

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