3: 50 Days Freed

In our searching for freedom we expect that to achieve what we desire there must but a complex way to get there. So many people strive to be good enough to earn their freedom. In this, there is a hope that they might be freed, but inside they have an uneasy feeling that maybe they just aren’t good enough. It seems lately that the world wants to go to Heaven and if your good and do good things then you should be fine. As believers in Christ, we know the Bible tells us differently.
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36
How many funerals for those friends and family member, who you never ever seen set foot in a church or profess their faith, hear that they are up in heaven? Why do they say this? Because it gives them hope. One religious group believes that if we on earth pray for our dead we can change where they end up for eternity. Unfortunately, it is too late for them, their choice was made when they took their last breath. If they died in the bondage of sin, the bible is quite clear where they go. I am not trying to upset anyone here but as believers, we need to wake up to the reality that every day thousands of people are heading to hell without knowing the freedom in Christ.
But why is this happening? Jesus in this verse clearly shows us that in him there is freedom. There is life in the choice he made to die on the cross for our sins. Yet mankind has taken offence to the church calling it a crutch and a place only in existence for the gullible. The proverbs tell us the Fool in his heart says there is no God.
Another group of religious folks believe that if you sin you must pray to their god and do many good works so that he might be appeased and they might go to heaven when they die. Those who follow Christ do not have to hope they will be going to heaven. There is an assurance that they are free from sin and in the Fathers book of life. Jesus said they are free indeed, not they are free perhaps. We all know people who are trying to be good to get to heaven. What we need to be doing is showing them that good works which are great cannot get you into heaven. We need to point them to the freedom in Christ Jesus. They don’t need to stop doing the good things, but when they have accepted Christ the good things they do are because of what he has done for them, not to get his attention. He already knows who you are.
Jesus came to set you free. We cannot achieve freedom from sin on our own. Maybe you have been trying to rack up points to get to heaven, doing good things in hopes of a better afterlife. It is time to look to the Savior to free you from the sin that keeps us all from heaven. Jesus will set you free, not just free but free with an assurance that you are heaven bound.
Father, I pray for those reading this who have not yet been freed from the bondage of sin. I pray today right here right now where ever in the world they may be that they turn to your Son Jesus and ask him to forgive them of their sin and free them. Some who choose to follow will receive oppression from their peers, families and countrymen, I pray for their protection from attack. Gather them together with other believers who will disciple them. I pray for freedom from sin for all, use me to reach my world with your love. Amen

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