Day 30: 50 Days All In

As part of being in an all in relationship with God, we need to understand that we are part of the body of believers. We each individually have a role to play in our personal churches and one to play in the Church as a whole. How we approach this will play a big part in our growth as believers. God doesn’t call us to be solo Christians, we are a team that works together to reach the lost and build each other up through mentorship and discipleship.
“But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it. How strange a body would be if it had only one part!”
1 Corinthians 12:18-19 NLT
Just like a well-oiled machine, each part designed for a specific purpose. When one part becomes loose, rusty or broken the machine doesn’t function properly. It needs someone to repair it to make it work again. The body is a self-healing entity, we have foreign viruses and cells enter the body it works hard to extract these. We get cut or broken and our body goes into repair mode. This is an awesome design from our creator. They work together as one to ensure that we survive.
The body of believers needs to be very similar. We need to see what part is hurting and work together to heal the brokenness. If we see a part of the body doing something that can harm the body, we need to make it known and work with them bring them back in. Every part of the body of believers is important.
Do you feel your part is unimportant? Do you feel like you aren’t being noticed in your church, or is it that you’re not making yourself known? You have an important role to play. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you should have your hands in your pockets and observe never doing. You want to make the enemy shiver and get worried? Start getting involved in prayer, in ministry, doing something to push forward the Kingdom of God. Tell people about the Saviour, invite people to church, be Jesus to those around you.
If you do this the body will be strong. The body will grow, the church will be healthy and Jesus love will and blessings will start to move like we have never seen. Being obedient as part of the body is not a secret that needs to be kept. Jesus needs to be shared. Are you ready to be used in the body of believers? Are you ready to strengthen your all in relationship with God through your role in the body?
Jesus, for to long there has been a segment of our churches who feel like they are the soft bottom parts of the body that need to be sitting and not doing. It is time Jesus to reveal yourself to these believers and show them they are so much more. They are called to move out of the pews and reach the people in their communities. They are called to do amazing things in your name. Call them Father, shake them up, bring them to their feet to do what you are calling them to do. Let them see that the people around them matter to you so they had better matter to them. Amen

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