Day 28: 50 Days All In

Work takes effort and time. Unless you’re paid to talk on the radio or some other job, just coming up with ideas won’t get you very far unless your willing to put them into action. A farmer with dreams of a Hugh farm can talk all he wants but until he puts a hand to the dirt his words are useless. In our all in relationship with God, talk is cheap, we are called to people of action.
“Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty!”
Proverbs 14:23 NLT
Apply this principle to a church. We can talk Sunday after Sunday about reaching the lost, but if the people listen and the person teaching doesn’t apply it and work to make it happen then don’t expect results. It isn’t someone else’s job and responsibility to share the love of Jesus to this dying world, it is each and every believer. You can’t pay your Pastor enough to get the job done, no amount of money given to a missionary in a foreign land will be enough to cover your responsibility. Jesus himself said the fields are ripe and the workers few. Why? Because people are not working, they see it, comment on it, gossip about it, make a big deal about it, but don’t work at it.
Is your church growing? If not then you need to ask yourself am I working to grow the kingdom? How many people in the last month, year, 5 years have you personally invited to church? Or talked to about Jesus? I can’t give you a number that is acceptable, that’s between you and God. But if the number makes you feel ashamed, then maybe it is time to reverse the trend.
Become active in your church, support the initiatives that are encouraging growth. Don’t be a discourager who puts things down but lift them up. Put some effort in, get dirty, the world has enough to discourages, we need workers who will build others up. Then you will be excited about your church and more excited to invite people to see what is happening. Will you invite someone this week? Will you tell others about what Jesus is doing in your life? Do you truly want to have a relationship with God that is all in? Then be prepared to work.
Jesus, we have become all talk generation, help us to do less talking and more working to reach the lost. Guide our hearts to people who are receptive to your love and need you. I know they all need you and you love them all, yet some are very ripe to the message. Use me to be an effective worker for you, I am ready to go all in. Amen

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