Day 24: All In

When we become Christians we take on the name Christ. If we use our handle of Christians ” in vain” or inappropriately then we effectively misuse the name of the Lord. To desire an all in relationship we need to respect His name that is bestowed upon us, we are the children of God. How many people in this world today call themselves Christians yet have no relationship with Jesus?
“You must not misuse the name of the LORD your God. The LORD will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.”
Exodus 20:7 NLT
When you read this verse you probably like me go right to thinking of people using the phrase “oh my god” or say Jesus in all sorts of combinations of swearing. I would like to share a different perspective and would love to hear your thoughts.
Some use the title of Christian to gain monetary advantages, as you see in some televangelists or well known church leaders. Others have been luring young children and sometimes adults into doing things they shouldn’t because of their position in the church and their claim to be Christian. These are extreme cases but not any more a misuse than those who use Christianity for their personal gain. How we act during the week is just as important on how we present ourselves Sunday mornings.
How we treat our families reflects who we are in Christ. What we do for the poor and those in need show the world whose we are. Our attitude and sense of justice for the oppressed and those who can’t help themselves. For the hurting and lost. When those around you who see you every day reflect on your character do they say, ‘this is a person who goes to church’ or ‘this is a person whose life reflects Christ’?
Today I ask that we work to bring glory to the name we are bestowed as followers of Christ. Let us use it to reach others and fulfil the mission he gave us. Maybe you have been playing around with God. It is time to take a hard look at your relationship and ask yourself are you ready to go all in. Only then can you recognize this in others and work with them to become who God is calling them to be.
Dear Jesus, let us not take the namesake we are given lightly. As followers of Christ we are an example to the world and what we do greatly affects how others view you. As your children we bear your name, help us to live a life worthy of this honor. Let them see your love shining through us daily. Help us to see others as you see them and understand that they all matter to you, so they should matter to us. Amen

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