Day 16: 50 Days All In

Lies are like all sin. Once they start they take on a life of their own. They get infected and you need more to cover what you already have set in motion. All lies get exposed, if not here on earth then on judgment day. As believers who desire to be all in we must stop the lying that works to infect us.
“Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow.”
Proverbs 25:18 NLT
King Solomon here in his wisdom yet again gives us insights that will help our daily walk. We all know that lies hurt one around us, but we can break them down into three different types;
An axe is a weapon that is swung not necessarily with precision but for the damage it can do. Some lies do just that, they work at destroying without worrying about the damage that will be inflicted.
The sword is a more refined weapon, it is something that takes practice and one must know what they are doing. Flailing it around will only make you look like a fool, but used properly can cause mortal damage to those you hit. Precision lies do just that, they can wound someone right to the core.
Arrow are used from afar, you don’t normally see them coming. Lies that come from afar probably hurt the most as you don’t see them coming. They travel a distance and when they hit they hit deep. Unlike the axe and the sword, when an arrow goes in it also hurts coming out, as its intent is rip when pulled out.
As believers we are only equipped with one weapon. The sword of truth, we need to ensure that the words we speak encourage and build others up in love. Our tongue is our greatest physical weapon and used improperly with lies it can cause a lot of damage to others. Arm yourself to speak the truth. I am not sure why but in general many people tear others down to build themselves up. These moments of jest or genuine lies can cause great rifts in people. When you get exposed as a liar it may just be to late, the damage you have done is irreversible. The job that was lost due to the lie, may never be returned. The friend may never return to support you. The person may have gone into deep depression and possibly ended their own life. I am some glad I have a saviour who forgives lying. He also instils in us truth. We have the Holy Spirit with us to guide us in truth. We can spread the truth. No longer needing to lie to those around us.
If today your stuck in a lie, maybe it has been haunting you for years, bring it to the feet of the cross. Pray that Jesus will show you what you must do to make it right. I could be what’s holding you back from making a huge impact for the kingdom of God. Give it to God, let him deal with it. Ask forgiveness from those you have lied to. Forgive those who have lied to you. It will change everything. We can be all in with our faith.
Jesus, guard my tongue to speak truth. Keep me from using lies to damage those around me. I pray that if my words have hurt others remind me that I am forgiven and give me the strength to ask forgiveness from those whom I have hurt. Equip me with the truth. Let me be an example of your love to all I meet daily. Help me grow in my all in relationship. Amen

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