Day 6: 50 Days All In

Darkness and light are used throughout the bible to describe good and evil, God and the enemy and the ways of the world. For us to walk and live all in we need to be able to understand what the darkness is without embracing it.
“I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.”
John 24:46
Here we see Jesus telling his followers that to be all in we Should Not abide in darkness. When I first read this, I get the image of a parent telling their child that the stove or fireplace is hot, you should not touch it. As most parents come to find out that the child doesn’t quite understand and touches it anyway. Why does the child ignore the common-sense warning of their parent? It isn’t because they have a desire to disobey but it is their sense of curiosity and wonder that compels them.
Darkness or sin has become a curiosity or wonder for the believer. Especially for the child born and raised in a Christian home where their parents have raised them to live with standards that run close to the bible. They see what their friends are doing which are opposed to what they have been taught and in their wonder and curiosity, they step out into the darkness, not truly understanding what the ramifications may be. Like the child touching the hot surface, these believers truly don’t understand the consequences of their actions.
But isn’t this world run by the darkness as sin has control since the fall of man back in the garden? How can we not abide in the darkness when it is all around us?
As believers, we have been given freedom from the sin that binds us to this world. It doesn’t exempt us from sin but gives us a freedom to share in the love and light of Jesus. To abide in darkness as Jesus spoke of here could mean accepting it as your way of living. As to say ‘that whoever believes in Me should not accept living in darkness’. We need to realize that we are living in the light that is in Jesus.
We are called by Jesus to be a light in the world. Where does that light that we are called to be come from? Well, Jesus here tells us that He is that light, and if you accepted Jesus into your heart and have given him your all would our earthly body truly be able to contain His light? I think not, so His light would then be shining from us. Of course, this isn’t a spectral light as we know it, but the light is His love. This is what needs to be flowing through us.
So, if we truly want to be living All In, embrace the light that Jesus is. Embrace His love and let His love shine through you into the darkness. We do not nor should not accept living in the darkness any longer. Trust Him he knows what is lurking in the darkness.
Father, thank you for sending your light with Your Son. The darkness works to draw us in with desires and curiosities, but we pray for strength to overcome these temptations. Help us to embrace the love and light you have so that we can be hope of others stumbling around in the darkness. Let us be a beacon of Your forgiveness and grace. A lighthouse to the lost as it may be. Let us heed Your warnings to avoid living in the darkness. Holy Spirit, us to reach the lost and hurting people in our neighbourhood. I want to live All in with you. Amen

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