Day 45: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Sri Lanka

We pray today for the believers in Sri Lanka. Church services can be expected to be interrupted by mobs of radicals who want their beliefs to be the only thing practices in the country. These are not small mobs, some have been in the thousands.


Of the population of under 20.3 million, there are an estimated 1.4 million believers. For more information check out Open Doors USA.



Father, we pray for Sri Lanka. We pray that those who want to worship you can do so without fear of mob interruptions. We pray for the reigning government that they would put a stop to the radical attacks of minority religions including Christianity.  Move among the leaders of Sri Lanka, soften their hearts to the Gospel and let change start from the top. We pray for peace among the people in Sri Lanka. Holy Spirit work miracles in the hearts of those who persecute the believers here. Amen


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