Day 35: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Tajikistan

Day 35: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Tajikistan


We pray today for the believers in Tajikistan. Here is this nation is a combination of doctoral pressures and religious influence.  Believers are watched closely and are being pressured into denouncing their faith by their own family members.


Of the population of 8.9 million, there are an estimated 62,000 believers. For more information check out Open Doors USA.


Father, we pray for  Tajikistan. We pray that the believers here will have wisdom and strength in reaching out to their families, friends and coworkers. To be a light of faith in this country is tough and they need guidance and opportunities, please provide both Holy Spirit. Break the bondage that is holding this country back from meeting with you. Reveal yourself in a new way to these people. God Shake up the nation of Tajikistan. Amen



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