Day 34: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Central African Republic

We pray today for the believers in the Central African Republic. We want to take time to thank you God for the work you are doing here. This nation has dropped 12 points on the world chart but is still in need of our prayers.
Of the population of 5 million, there are an estimated 3.7 million believers. It baffles me to see these numbers close to 70% of the population of the nation yet they are being persecuted. The oppressors are more organized and have a common goal, keeping Christians poor and feeling like second-class citizens.
Father, we pray for the Central African Republic. We ask that you unite the believers as to rise up against those who are persecuting them, not in violence but in love. Give them opportunities to change their nation at the local levels and national levels. Show them how they can impact their communities one person at a time. If there is any disunity among believers, I pray for the restoration of the church and the body. Use this nation to be an example of your love to the whole continent of Africa and the world. Amen

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