Day 33: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Tanzania

As I try to get today’s prayer going for Tanzania, my computer is not responding the way I want it to, Word keeps freezing up on me.This could all be coincidental or it could be the enemy wants me to stop praying and not get this one out. But today nonetheless we are going to pray for Tanzania.
They estimate that there are 32 million believers in this country of 59 million people. But in spite of the large numbers, extremists have become increasingly attacking believer. They have been enforcing their own laws and pushing for the government to pass them into standing laws.
Father, we pray for the nation of Tanzania, we hear their cries and join with them. Strengthen the believers to stand up for their faith and share your love no matter the cost. Help us provide them with the Word and support from where we are. In the areas where radicalism haunts the believers, we pray for some relief and freedom from this oppression. God, we want to see a might move from this African country like has never been seen before. Show your love from here to the whole continent. Amen

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