Day 14: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Saudi Arabia

Today we pray for Saudi Arabia.  Despite being the only country in the world without a physical Christian church structure, the church is growing. The believers are showing a boldness not seen by believers in the neighbouring countries.

For more information, Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate a 1.4 million Christians in the population of just under 34 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Saudi Arabia. We thank you for the boldness you are empowering you people with, we pray for a continuing strength to keep sharing the lost in this oppressive country. We pray for an openness to the word of God, let your love shine through your people. Help Saudi Arabia become an example to here neighbors of the true God. Give the leaders of Saudi Arabia wisdom to make choices that lift her people up and not oppressing those who have different viewpoints. Work mightily in Saudi Arabia. Amen


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