Day 12: 50 Days of Passion for the Persecuted Church: Nigeria

Today we pray for Nigeria. The country is split with most of the believers in the south, and the North working to remove all Christians from the North working their way to the south,

For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate 95 million Christians in the population of just under 192 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for Nigeria. Looking at the numbers it is staggering to believe the government wouldn’t be supporting half of its countrymen and women. We pray for the government leaders to have wisdom in leading, that they will stop the oppression and persecution of Christians. Stir in their hearts and show them your love. We pray for those who are attacking believers, let them like Saul see you for who you are and repent, becoming powerful warriors in your army. We want to see Nigeria become a Christian powerhouse in Africa, use the believers there to reaching not only those inside  Nigeria but on the borders and beyond. Amen


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