Day 1: 50 Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church : North Korea

Not a lot is known about the Christian population in North Korea as they are deep underground. We know more about their leader and his military.

For more information Open Doors USA has some details. They estimate 300,000 Christians in the population of 24 million.

Please pray with me and add your prayers in the comments.


Father, we pray for North Korea. In this time where it feels like war is imminent we pray for a change of heart for North Korea’s leaders. We pray that Kim Jong Un will come to know you. We pray for divine revelation for the people of North Korea, let the Holy Spirit invade their lives and increase the thirst for you. Strengthen the resilience of the believers in the country and give them boldness to share their faith. Let them see much harvest for their obedience. Keep them protected from opposition. For those in jail I pray that freedom will be available to them and until then that they will keep sharing your love even in their chains. Watch over your children in North Korea and protect them. Amen

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