Day 37: 50 Days of Passion

When our prayers move away from me to we, and we focus on the mission of reaching he lost, then we will see passion reignited in our hearts and our churches. Church families can be caught up with ensuring they are getting fed they forget that the church is a soup kitchen where we are the workers whose aim is to feed those who are hungry. We do need to be united as a family and open to creating a bond that is attractive to those who see it. They want what we have, Jesus living in our everyday lives.



Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16


I wonder how a Sunday morning would go over if the Pastor opened the service by instead of asking the congregation to shake hands, he asked them to turn to one another, confess their sins from the week and pray with one another. I think there would be a few shocked faces and maybe even an uproar from some. But imagine with me if this became common practice in the church.


If every Sunday before church the saints met and confessed with one another, prayed before the Sunday service, healing would begin to take place. Then true worship would arise from the followers in attendance producing wonderful results. All to often we wait until the end of a service to confess our sins, maybe after the Pastor has preached a sermon that cut us right to the heart. But if we have already laid our sins at the Fathers feet, we could be prepared to receive so much more.


This is one reason I believe in pre-service prayer. Now understand I said believe, not practice, I confess I sometimes barely get to church on time, no excuses. But If I truly and honestly want to see God move in the service among his people and to see the lost who may be attendance changed then I need to start changing my habits. You may say “well I pray at home in the morning before church” that’s great. But there is power in the gathering of the saints with one unity purposefully praying for the move of God. Awesome things will start to happen, people WILL be healed, people WILL be saved, prayers WILL be answered, hardships WILL be overcome, needs WILL be met. Will you gather with others, openly confess your failures and sins, and pray that God will work in your Church, community and city?


Jesus, we ask you to forgive our sins. Give us an openness to declare and confess our sins to others, not to create stories to gossip about but so others can pray for us and help us overcome the weakness that we struggle with. Use them to build us up. Jesus we want to see your power move through our communities, city and churches. Motivate your people to take time not only in private prayer but in pray as a family. The people of this world matter to you, so they matter to us. Amen

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