Day 19: 50 Days of Passion

To many people live their lives with the attitude of “only if”. Only if I had a better job, only if I had of married someone different, only if I had of not done that, only if I had more money, only if….. They are hoping that if things would only go their way things would be better. Peter a disciple of Jesus, knew what it meant to put his life in someone else’s hands. He left everything to follow Jesus, he saw the hope Jesus was providing to the people and then followed him. The bible reads that Peter followed Jesus with out asking any ‘only ifs’. We would expect him to have asked I will follow only if you tell me where we are going, only if you let me pack my bags up, only if you let me say goodbye, only if you let me find a replacement worker for my dad.



“So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.”

1 Peter 1:13 NLT


We place a lot of hope in many different things. Some of them may not be that bad, but God is looking for us to put our hope in salvation. He wants us to rely on him for our needs and the like, when we put out hope in the next lottery ticket or our hope in the next elected leader it shifts our eyes of God and salvation.


So to be able to put all your hope in God it requires us to prepare our minds. As children and teenagers we prepared our minds for life by attending school, communicating with adults and study/observations. As Christians we need no less, we must communicate and fellowship with other believers who can build us up. We need to study God’s word either personally or in group/educational settings. Observing the actions of other believers can be useful such as reading testimonials of faith or seeing Christians in action can be encouraging and push us to do the same.


We also read the word exercise in this verse, exercise self control. Exercise is a discipline that must be done purposeful to be effective, so to exercise self control is a purposeful practice, taking the time to correct ourselves when we make a mistake and getting stronger in spite of it. These two actions of preparing your mind and exercising your self control work side by side. If you watch any amount of TV you may need to cut back (self control) and spend more time with Jesus(preparing). Replace the word TV with whatever activity you do the most.


Let use to prepare our minds for action, and exercise self control, as to be effective in the mission of reaching the lost. Don’t use the only if excuse to keep you away from accepting gift of salvation.


Jesus, let us not be caught up in the daily activities of live, let our hearts and minds focus on who you are and the call to reach the lost. Let us not miss the moments but be sharp and ready to share your love to whomever needs to hear it. Let us not make excuses on why we can’t so love to others. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen



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