Day 2: 50 Days of Passion

In the context of passion, our lives as believers are to be lived as marathons, not 100m dashes. If you know anything about running, you would know that you can’t sprint for long periods without getting weak. A goal of a marathon is to complete, keep going and never give up.

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. 1 Corinthians 9:24

We see here in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians that he wants them to run and win the race. D we think that we are running to beat other believers in this race of life? I believe Paul is telling us to run to complete, don’t give up, aim big, its easy to give up but harder to keep pushing on.

A marathon in our Christian walk is a life long journey, it starts the moment we accept Christ, and ends when we pass on to the next. We can freely walk off the course and abandon the race but by the grace of God he allows us to rejoin as we realize our mistakes.

Here are some thoughts of different styles of runners in the race;

Quick Starters- As we talked about there are those who accept Christ and explode with passion. These would be the runners in a marathon who sprint off the starting line and eventually slow down due to burn out. The main concern with this is that when they hit that moment the decide to quit, instead of pushing forward. Others may join the walkers, moving forward but not gaining much ground.

Long Haulers –  This type of runner is one who maintains a forward momentum, they know what needs to be done and makes ever effort to do it. The recognize when other runners are hurting and are willing to stop and help pick them up and encourage them to keep running.

Yo-Yo’s – I know how it sounds but they are the runners who have a good pace, but through different times of life will explode for a distance, empower by the Holy Spirit and oozing with passion. This type of passion and sprinting usually only last for a season but during that time much ground is taken.

Walkers – Those in the church who are just coasting through their Christianity. They may have started out as quick starters, or yo-yo’s or long haulers, but have settled down to walking. They are moving forward but the passion is minimal. All it might take is someone to pass them with some passion to reignite them.

Spectators –  We have all seen them, those who are watching the race but just not ready to run. Maybe they are even attending your church with a spouse. They know the race is happening, maybe even trying to participate with out signing up. But fear of failing or giving themselves over to the race holds them back on the sidelines.


Where do you fit in as a racer in your run with Christ? Maybe none of these describe you. Maybe more then one. This is only my thoughts on the matter.

I want to encourage you today, if you’re not in the race, join. If you’re walking, run. If your running when was the last time you had a good sprint?


Father, we want to reignite our passion, maybe we have become complacent in our lives and just running on auto pilot. Regardless if we are running full tilt, walking or at a steady pace we need to be moving forward to the goal which is a closer relationship with you.  Help us to promote this race to others, let them see our passion and love for you. Let us love them like you do. Amen


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