Day 1: 50 Days of Passion

I wonder if you have ever experienced a season in your Christian walk where your personal passion just doesn’t seem to be there. At least not like it used to be. That where I am right now, I feel a malaise, whereas I am just not motivated as I want to be. I think I am on the right track as I have identified this pattern and am working to change directions. But I would assume I am not alone, so I invite you to join me for the next 50 days as we look into reigniting our passion in our relationship with God. If you have any experiences where you would like to share please, those times can help others.  If you don’t want to miss out on any of this series please follow me at


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36


Can you remember when you first received Jesus as your savior? Were you a church kid who almost slid into your faith like me or where you outside of the church and the truth was revealed to you? I see a difference in these two types of people. Those who grow up in church and remain in church can, but not always, have a foundation from the start but lose the passion as they continue in their faith. Others that grow up in the church seemingly “grow out” of the church and move on seemingly dropping what they once held as truth. They may or may not return to their faith, but we keep praying that one day they will come back to a relationship with God.

Now there are those who find Jesus, either outside of church, or for the first time in church and they are passionate about their faith. Many of these young Christians want to jump out and change the hearts of everyone around them with this newfound love they are experiencing. I find that they hit a wall and the passion fades away, maybe they weren’t discipled and they eventually move into a pattern of complacency.

What kind of passion am I looking for, or should we be looking for in our faith? I have some ideas, but as we go through this series I am asking God to reveal true passion in my life. A passion to reach the lost. A passion to study my bible. A passion to pray for others. A passion to love my neighbor. A passion to bring my family to church. A passion to fellowship with other believers. I want my passion for my relationship to overflow my life so others will see a difference in me that can’t be explained.

Many associate fire with passion, so you may read about lighting a fire so that will be where I am heading with that.


Father, many times we go through seasons of malaise.  I wish I knew why. But I am asking you to ignite our hearts. All to often we see others comfortable in their faith and just want to join them. Holy Spirit light a fire in my heart, let it burn bright and ignite those around me. I don’t want to be apathetic to what your doing, I want to be involved. Help me to be a light to the world. Amen

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