Day 30: 50 Days of Impact

Who doesn’t like to start a new project. The thrill of creating something from noting is exhilarating.  Maybe it is a novel that has been racing around in your mind, perhaps your renovating a house that you found that is a diamond in the rough. There is a certain joy in the work to complete the task, butt he true moment is when you can finally see the finish line and be able to cross it confidently saying it is finished.


30 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30 (NIV)


Here in this moment we see Jesus, having endured much pain, anguish and humiliation alone and on a cross. By the outsider looking at what is happening, you might see just another man enduring the punishment he solely deserved for the crime he committed, like the men on his right and left. I am sure for the disciples and people who knew Jesus this was a very confusing moment for them, for Jesus had done nothing deserving of this type of death.

Had those who had been by Jesus side listened to his words telling them that this would eventually happen to him, they may not have been as shocked or scared. But they had all left him when he was arrested, very few brave enough to come back and see what was happening to their friend and teacher.

Jesus knew that this was going to happen to him, in the garden he prayed for another way, yet yielded to the plan that was set in place before even time began. For redemption of mankind and restoration of relationship between man and God, this final sacrifice had to take place. So there on the cross Jesus completed the plan to provide freedom for sin for man. Jesus took all sin and bound it, taking control of sin and death.

Now the choice is yours. Will you accept the sacrifice Jesus made on your behalf on the cross? He died for you, and what is even more exciting is that three days later he rose again. He is ALIVE. He wants to provide you with the freedom from sin and a life in relationship with God. We were made for more then just living our lives without purpose.


Father, thank you so much that you complete what you start. Thank you that you provided a way for us to return to the relationship once lost in the garden. We know that you are going to come back and rescue us before setting up a new kingdom here on earth. Give us push to share your love with those around us who need to know you. They are loved by you so we should be loving them too. Amen


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