Day 18: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts on Day 18: Some of my originals were very short but effective. Enjoy.

2 March 15


“But he knows where I am and what I’ve done. He can cross-examine me all he wants, and I’ll pass the test with honours I’ve followed him closely, my feet in his footprints, not once swerving from his way. I’ve obeyed every word he’s spoken, and not just obeyed his advice-I’ve treasured it.
Job 23:10-11 MSG

Job was a man who was holy before God. Job kept his life pure and his purity was recognised by God. Can we say the same of our lives?

Job’s statement above is something we as Christians need to aspire to. Let us strive for this.

Dear Jesus, Help us to walk in faith, not falling off the path but staying on the straight and narrow. Help me to follow You in Purity and truth all day every day. Amen

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