Day 15: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts of Day 15: I believe every marriage can be rescued. I know that certain circumstances make it feel impossible and sometimes not wise to even consider. Those situations are between you and God. As believers who have a relationship with God, are you fighting for your marriage rather than fighting your marriage?


27 Feb 16


I was sound asleep, but in my dreams, I was wide awake. Oh, listen! It’s the sound of my lover knocking, calling! “Let me in, dear companion, dearest friend, my dove, consummate lover! I’m soaked with the dampness of the night, drenched with dew, shivering and cold.” “But I’m in my nightgown-do you expect me to get dressed? I’m bathed and in bed-do you want me to get dirty?” But my lover wouldn’t take no for an answer, and the longer he knocked, the more excited I became. I got up to open the door to my lover, sweetly ready to receive him, Desiring and expectant as I turned the door handle. But when I opened the door he was gone. My loved one had tired of waiting and left. And I died inside-oh, I felt so bad! I ran out looking for him But he was nowhere to be found. I called into the darkness-but no answer. The night watchmen found me as they patrolled the streets of the city. They slapped and beat and bruised me, ripping off my clothes, These watchmen, who were supposed to be guarding the city.

I beg you, sisters in Jerusalem- if you find my lover, Please tell him I want him, that I’m heartsick with love for him. (Song of Solomon 5:2-8 MSG)

I wonder if like the story above we are slow to respond to our spouses. When they call out for help or need us do we ignore or make excuses to rush to them? This is what happened above. She was making excuses to why not to answer the door and let her lover in and by the time she finally decided to roll out of bed he was gone. This man knew his lover was home, was expecting her to be excited to see him but alas she wouldn’t answer the door. He probably felt unwanted, neglected and unloved so he went somewhere else to find what he needed.

This is a problem that plagues marriages all over the world especially our continent. Spouses feeling like they are not loved, wanted, or appreciated and they go find it in another. It may start out as just finding another man/woman to comfort them in their loneliness but sin has a funny way of creeping in a destroying what God planned for good.

So today, if you are the one in bed, making excuses not to spend time or run to your lovers’ side. STOP IT. Make your lover feel important, meet their needs, love them, show them you still desire them.

And if you are the one at the door, looking for attention, love, desire, DON’T GIVE UP. Keep trying to connect, love them, make them feel important, show them you have a strong desire to be with them.

Do whatever it takes to reconnect. Pray for your spouse.

Dear Jesus, help us to rekindle the love we have for our spouses. Help us to be persistent in our desire and pursuit of satisfying our lovers. If we are lonely in our marriage help us to speak out and tell our spouse that is how we feel. Better for us Lord be embarrassed with our spouse over little things then let them become huge sins. God be with my spouse today, love him/her and bless them. Let our lives reflect marriage as you intended. Amen

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