Day 14: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts on Day 14: Isn’t it amazing how the Bible has so much to offer. The verses come alive and have so much truth and advice in them that reading it one day will give us wisdom in one area, but then tomorrow it will reveal itself in another way which is just as valuable. Dig into the word, don’t just skim the pages like you would your favourite novel skipping the parts you consider ‘boring’. Let them speak to you today.



During the rule of Herod, King of Judea, there was a priest assigned service in the regiment of Abijah. His name was Zachariah. His wife was descended from the daughters of Aaron. Her name was Elizabeth. Together they lived honourably before God, careful in keeping to the ways of the commandments and enjoying a clear conscience before God. But they were childless because Elizabeth could never conceive, and now they were quite old. (Luke 1:5-7 MSG)
But the angel reassured him, “Don’t fear, Zachariah. Your prayer has been heard. Elizabeth, your wife, will bear a son by you. You are to name him John. You’re going to leap like a gazelle for joy, and not only you-many will delight in his birth. He’ll achieve great stature with God. (13-15)
When the course of his priestly assignment was completed, he went back home. It wasn’t long before his wife, Elizabeth, conceived. She went off by herself for five months, relishing her pregnancy. “So, this is how God acts to remedy my unfortunate condition!” she said. (Luke 1:23-25 MSG)

Reading the scripture above you may be saying, “didn’t I read this yesterday?” You did, but I have had another thought on this that I think is an important one for us as believers might want to consider.

Zachariah and Elizabeth had been praying a long time for a child. It isn’t clear if they stopped asking after they passed the child rearing years, but we do know that they were praying for a child. God sent an angel to Zachariah to let him know that God indeed did hear his prayer and was now ready to answer it. That he would have a son. All Zachariah had to do was go home and be intimate with his wife. I wish all my prayers could be solved like that. I say this with the thought, why are we looking for God to answer our prayers in amazing ways when He can do them in such simple ways.

Another example of a simple answer was Nahaam, a mighty general in the OT. He met with Elisha the prophet to be healed from leprosy. He was expecting Elisha to send him on a huge quest, to scale the highest mountain and find the rarest flower to make a medicine that would heal him. But God through Elisha told him that all he needed to do was wash in the Jordan river seven times. Nahaam was insulted, the Jordan river was gross, and he could never let himself bathe in such filth. Luckily enough for him, he had some friends that were not afraid to hold him accountable in this and made him understand that if he was willing to do the grandiose things maybe God works in the little things too.

We sometimes focus on the big things the bible talks about like Moses parting the red sea, Jesus talking about moving mountains, or raising someone from the dead, but we tend to forget that God works in the little things and works everything out for His glory. He took a boy who was sold by his brothers and through a series of little events he became powerful and saved a nation. He took a boy who was a shepherd and through little trails became king. He clothes the flowers and feeds the birds. God knows what He is doing, are you ready to let Him show you?

Dear Father, we need to see you in all aspects of our lives. We need to hear your voice. I pray that you will reveal Yourself to each of us today in a fresh way. When You ask us to do something that we will listen and obey no matter how odd or mundane the request may be. Show us Your Glory and majesty today. Let your love shine through us so that others may know your love and mercy. They matter to you so they matter to me. Amen

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