Day 23: 50 Days if Change

““You have heard the law that says, ‘A man can divorce his wife by merely giving her a written notice of divorce.’ But I say that a man who divorces his wife, unless she has been unfaithful, causes her to commit adultery. And anyone who marries a divorced woman also commits adultery.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:31-32‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Christianity today has accepted the societies and views on marriage. Marriage has become something that is disposable and divorce needs really no other excuse then I just don’t love them anymore. The church has accepted this. We have failed in this area as we neglect to see the problems as they are happening. Anyone living outside of a relationship with God has no reason to believe otherwise about divorce, but one who has a personal relationship with Jesus should know that the bond they have with their spouse is more then just physical, it is spiritual, mental. It connects them on an unseen level where they are one.

Our failure as a church stems from our lack of discipleship with other believers. Sometimes it isn’t for the lack of trying. We try to connect with bible studies, but we make ourselves to busy to attend. Why do I need to go to that group? I don have time for that. Our priorities are sometimes self centered and  we don’t realize that small groups and discipleship works for all involved. It is there to build up not just the disciples but the leader as well.  Here groups help build accountability and openness to expose problems in our lives and marriages, things we can see and work to correct before the extreme requirement of divorce is even considered. 

Marriage is hard. If you think marriage is easy then your doing it wrong. Taking our spouse for granted, expecting that everything is okay is the road to disaster. You need to engage your spouse, talking with then, asking them how they feel, what they need and want. Sex is a vital part of marriage, it connects you on a level that no one else should have ever done before, or in a perfect world never should again. It is the bond that seals your marriage. His gift of sex was not meant to be used as a weapon or tool. That comes out on special occasions or when needed to get something. It is a desire and longing that should be regular in the marriage. Those outside the church should be envious of your love life with your spouse, as you use it as a way to connect and not a weapon or tool.

I am not writiting this as judging those who may be divorced. My hope is for those reading this whose marriage seem to be rocky, or maybe in the very beginning of divorce. Fight for your marriage, if you are a Christian couple considering divorce I pray that you bring your situation to Jesus. Find some help, your pastor, counselling, accountability partners. If any of those folks recommend divorce, drop me like their hot and find someone else who is willing to show you ways to fight for your marriage. You don’t need that negativity in your life. This does not apply nessecerally if your spouse is making in unsafe to be with, please tell someone and get the help you need.

Fight for your marriage. It is worth it, restoration and forgiveness can be achieved. I have been there. I can attest it can happen.dont do it for the sake of your kids. Do it for the sake of you and your spouse. 

Jesus, you gave us marriage as a gift, we need our spouse. Forgive our society for the ease we have made it to discard our spouses. Forgive us as the church for not being their for the marriages in our churches that have fallen into divorce. We have accept it as the norm, we need to work to help marriages avoid this option. Let our marriages be an example of your love for us. We want to love others how you love them, they matter to you, so the matter to me, Amen.

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