Day 14: 50 Days of Change

“God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Jesus was understood what it meant to be humble. He came with the power to harness if he desires to become someone of great mportance in his world. Yet he focused more on the hearts and souls of the people knowing that is what they(we) truly need. He demonstrated to us in his life what it meant to be humble. Taking the time to wash the disciples feet, explaining to them many times that to be lifted up we must first be willing to serve others. Even on the cross he cried out forgiveness to those who crucified him.

With this great teaching, why is it then that humanity still strives to be so important to conquer the earth. Leader upon leader pushes and strives to become the best and better then the others, starting wars, demoralizing their own people even killing them in droves. These leaders become power hungry, their ego and pride are their driving factor, blinding them to morality. Leaders who follow Jesus teaching show wisdom and strength, yet their lives are mortal and eventually they die someone replaces them who doesn’t continue the legacy of the previous leader. They may try to flow on the success but not realizing humility as the driving factor.

We see this in our churches. If mega or small, leaders, pastors, who start putting faith in their own name and brand of teachings will start to believe that they are the reason for their success. This leads to claims of God wanting his people to do so weird things like give Hugh amounts of money for some projects that are suspicious. 

Our leaders need to display humility, they aren’t leading to become famous, they should be leading because their desire to see people come into or grow their relationship with God. God can build a leader up in such a way that they become famous, but in their fame they must continually work even harder to keep God as the center of their ministry. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for some of these leaders. To be in the public eye and having people examining your life looking for the moment you don’t practice what you preach. I think that maybe why some Hollywood actors keep their faith low key as they have so many people watching them. 

So how can we be practice being humble in a world that shouts look at me. Treating  and thinking of others better then yourself is a great way to start. If we can get this practice ingrained in our lives then mostly all other stuff will fall into place. We also must stop putting other Christians of pedestals and loving them as brothers and sisters, understanding they may fail just like us. If we have them on pedestals then it hurts when they fall and we intentionally or not look down on them in their failings. If they fall as a brother of sister we are more likely to help pick them up encouraging them to move forward. 

Jesus, I pray today for my brothers and sister in Christ. I pray that you will give them a renewed understanding of humility. If anyone reading this thinks themselves better then their fellow believers I pray they will ask forgiveness and work towards become united with them. If we have elevated anyone to a super Christian status I pray that we realize that is a lot of pressure on them and maybe we need to rethink our labels. Let us be ready to help any brother and sister in need in forgiveness and love. Our lives need to be an example to those around us because we love them just as you love them. Amen

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